CAT logical reasoning questions, in recent years, have been unconventional and of higher difficulty level.

These sudden and unexpected changes have made it difficult for the aspirant to find a good source for practicing Logical reasoning questions for the LRDI section of CAT exam.

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It is very difficult to categorize the types of logical reasoning questions which appear in CAT. IIMs too, do not provide any syllabus of CAT logical reasoning. However, going through the recent years CAT papers, we have listed the syllabus of LRDI section as follow:

Syllabus in nutshell

Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT

To facilitate better learning, we have also provided Logical reasoning questions for CAT with video solutions  In each of these explanations, a structured and step-wise method has been implemented to arrive at the answer logically.

In addition to this, most high difficulty logical reasoning questions have textual solutions, which most aspirants find difficult to comprehend.  In this section, we have provided a few varieties of logical reasoning questions or puzzles for practice.

All the reasoning sets here are in tune with the CAT exam. These sets are of different types. Some are of the conventional type logical reasoning sets but have difficulty, while others are similar to the logical reasoning sets that you will find in the recent CAT papers.

Download CAT LRDI Questions PDF

Logical Reasoning Questions Sets with Video Explanations

CAT Level Logical Reasoning [Tough]

Logical Reasoning Practice Sets [elementary Level]

Logical Reasoning Topic Wise

CAT 2020 DILR Sets

CAT 2020 LRDI sets with Solutions

CAT 2019 Logical Reasoning Sets

CAT 2018 Logical Reasoning Sets

Tips to solve Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT

Since there is no standardized approach, we cannot define a method that applies to all kind of sets. Logical reasoning sets are like puzzles, which can be unique and might need an altogether new approach. However, here are a few things that students must do before they attempt any logical reasoning and data interpretation set:

  1. Scan the entire logical reasoning set including the questions
  2. Identify the number of parameters (variables) (if the variables are too many and too confusing, then you can come to that question later)
  3. If you think that the variables are not many, then devise a structure of the set on paper
  4. Identify the critical data/conditions given and note them down
  5. Fill the direct data from the conditions and/or represent the data pictorially on paper
  6. combine the conditions to interpret the possibility of conclusive information and put the data and info on the structure.
  7. If required revisit the conditions to narrow down possibilities, and again reinterpret and fine tune the structure
  8. In case of insufficient conditions, scan the question to figure out if we can answer some of the questions. There may be some conditions stated in the questions.
  9. Combine these conditions with existing conditions to figure out the answer.

Below is LRDI problem from CAT 2017 where we have applied the above approach

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