The CAT Logical Reasoning PDF

The PDF comprises of the Logical Reasoning questions that have come in past CAT papers. The PDF has CAT Logical Reasoning questions followed by the right answers. In some reasoning puzzles cases, we have also given the links of the video solutions, which you can watch by subscribing to our YouTube channel for free.

Download CAT Logical Reasoning PDF

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Aspirants must remember that the logical reasoning that comes in CAT is altogether different from the ones that come in other exams such as IIFT, XAT, SNAP and NMAT. The Logical Reasoning for CAT involves questions primarily from: Set Theory, Games and Tournaments, Linear Arrangement, Matrix-based tabular arrangement, puzzles and few more.

Most of these sets or questions from these sets are of a high difficulty. You can read more about the CAT Logical Reasoning Syllabus here: CAT Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Syllabus

Recent Changes in CAT LRDI

CAT logical reasoning has undergone remarkable changes over the past three years. Earlier the DI and LR questions were evenly balanced; but since the past three years, Pure DI has made a complete exit from CAT Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section [LRDI].

Logical Reasoning in CAT is more about logical puzzles and about DI sets in which it is not the calculation but the logical deriving the missing data that decides the outcome of the answers. In effect, we can say that the Logical Reasoning in CAT is completely about Logical Reasoning that does not involve any complex or lengthy calculations.