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LRDI sets (Elementary) 13

Six persons are travelling by a train which runs between "X" and "Y". Three V of them are males & rest are females. Two of them are travelling for Business purpose while the other two for Domestic reasons. One is travelling for Tourism purpose while the remaining one is on Study Tour. Two of them boarded at Pune, while one each boarded at Coimbatore, Bijapur, Mysore and Solapur. One of them is going to Jammu, one other to Agra, one other to Bhusawal while rest all are going to New Delhi. Three of them are businessmen (women), one other is Medical Practitioner, one is Lecturer and the remaining one is the Chartered Engineer.

  1. Mr. Ashwin Mehta boarded at Bijapur. He is neither going to Bhusawal nor to Agra. He is neither going for Domestic reason nor for Tourism purpose.
  2. The medical practitioner, Dr. S.S. Shastri boarded at Mysore. He is travelling for Domestic reasons, while Miss Manjiri Kulkarni boarded at Pune for going to Agra.
  3. The person who boarded at Mysore is going neither to Delhi nor to Agra.
  4. Mrs. Juhi Patel boarded at Pune. She is travelling for Domestic reasons to New Delhi.
  5. Mr. Vinayak Rao boarded at Coimbatore. He is going for business purposes to New Delhi. He is a Chartered Engineer.
  6. Miss Nalini Pandit is a lecturer in a college in Solapur. She boarded at Solapur to proceed on the Study Tour to Jammu.

Q1. Which of the following is the purpose of travel of Miss Manjiri Kulkarni?

  1. Business
  2. Domestic
  3. Education
  4. Tourism

Q2. To which of the following places Is Dr. S. S. Shastri going?

  1. Agra,
  2. Bhusawal
  3. New Delhi
  4. Jammu

Q3. Who among the following are going to New Delhi?

  1. Mr. Vinayak Rao, Mr. Ashwin Mehta and Miss Nalini Pandit
  2. Miss Nalini Pandit, Mr. Ashwin Mehta and Mrs. Juhi Patel
  3. Mr. Ashwin Mehta, Mrs. Juhi Patel and Miss Manjiri Kulkarni
  4. Mr. Vinayak Rao, Mrs. Juhi Patel and Mr. Ashwin Mehta

Q4. Which of the following statements is false?

  1. Miss Nalini Pandit is a lecturer.
  2. Miss Manjiri Kulkarni is travelling for tourism purposes.
  3. The person who boarded at Mysore is going to Jammu
  4. One of the ladies who boarded at Pune is going to Agra.

Q5. Which of the following combinations is true?

  1. Dr. S. S. Shastri, Mysore, Bhusawal
  2. Miss JuhI Patel, Businesswoman, Jammu
  3. Miss Nalini Pandit, Lecturer, Coimbatore
  4. Mr. Ashwin Mehta; Chartered Engineer, New Delhi


Question 1 Answer (4)

Question 2 Answer (2)

Question 3 Answer (4)

Question 4 Answer (3)

Question 5 Answer (1)


The information given can be tabulated as follows :



Purpose of Travel

Boarded at

Going to


Mr. Vinak Rao




New Delhi


Miss. Nalini Pandit


Study Tour




Mrs. Juhi


Domestic Reasons


New Delhi

Business Woman

Mr. Ashwin Mehta




New Delhi

Business Man

Dr. S.S. Shastri


Domestic Reasons



Medical Practitioner

Miss. Manjiri Kulkarni





Business Woman

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