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CAT 2018 LRDI Questions 142

Seven candidates, Akil, Balaram, Chitra, Divya, Erina, Fatima, and Ganeshan, were invited to interview for a position. Candidates were required to reach the venue before 8 am. Immediately upon arrival, they were sent to one of three interview rooms: 101, 102, and 103. The following venue log shows the arrival times for these candidates. Some of the names have not been recorded in the log and have been marked as ‘?’.


7:10 am

7:15 am

7:25 am

7:30 am

7:40 am

7:45 am


Akil, ?






Additionally here are some statements from the candidates:

Balaram: I was the third person to enter Room 101.

Chitra: I was the last person to enter the room I was allotted to.

Erina: I was the only person in the room I was allotted to.

Fatima: Three people including Akil were already in the room that I was allotted to when I entered it.

Ganeshan: I was one among the two candidates allotted to Room 102.

Question No. 1:
What best can be said about the room to which Divya was allotted?
  1. Definitely Room 102
  2. Definitely Room 103
  3. Definitely Room 101
  4. Either Room 101 or Room 102

Question No. 2:
Who else was in Room 102 when Ganeshan entered?
  1. No one
  2. Divya
  3. Chitra
  4. Akil

Question No. 3:
When did Erina reach the venue?
  1. 7:25 am
  2. 7:45 am
  3. 7:10 am
  4. 7:15 am

Question No. 4:
If Ganeshan entered the venue before Divya, when did Balaram enter the venue?
  1. 7:45 am
  2. 7:25 am
  3. 7:15 am
  4. 7:10 am

From the given information,

Balaram is the third person to enter room 101.

Erina was allotted either room 102 or 103.

Three persons entered the room before Fatima. It means Fatima and Akil entered into room 101.

Ganeshan entered room 102 with only one other person. Thus, only Erina entered room 103.

Chitra was the last person to enter the room. Thus, Chitra entered room 102 with Ganeshan.

Divya, who was the second person to enter room 101 From the above information we get the arrangement as follows.

Question 1:

Divya entered room 101.

Ans : Definitely room 101

Question 2:

No one entered into the room 102 before Ganeshan.

Ans : No one

Question 3:

Erina entered room at 07:45am as in room 101- Divya and Balaram entered before Fatima and Ganeshan entered the room before Chitra, thus Divya, Balaram and Ganeshan entered room before Chitra and Fatima in any order.

Ans : 7:45 am

Question 4:

From the information, Ganeshan entered room at 7:10 am, Divya entered room at 7:15 am and Balaram

entered room at 7:25 am.

Ans : 7:25 am

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