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LRDI Questions [Difficult] Set 17

In a wrestling championship, five persons — Andy, Bumrah, Clarke, David and Hussey — secured the first five ranks, in the same order. The weight of each of the five persons is a distinct natural number.

The following information is known regarding their weights:

(1) Clarke is the heaviest person and Bumrah the second heaviest.

(2) Andy is heavier than David.

(3) The weight of the lightest person among the five is 54 kg and it is not Hussey.

(4) The weight of the heaviest person is 87 kg.

(5) The weight of one of the persons is 19 kg more than that of Hussey.

(6) The person whose weight is 82 kg secured a better rank than the person whose weight is 67 kg.

Q1. What is the Weight (in kg) of Andy?

Q2. What is the total weight (in kg) of all the five persons put together?

Q3. What is the weight (in kg) of Hussey?

Q4. What is the rank of the second lightest person?

The given weights are 87 kg, 82 kg, 67 kg and 54 kg. From statement (5), the weight of one among the One persons is 19 kg more than that of Hussey.

From statement (3) Hussey's weight is not 54 kg. From statement (6) Andy's weight cannot be 67 kg and so must be 82 kg.

If we assume the weight of Hussey as 87 kg or 82 kg or 67 kg, the weight of the fifth person could be 106 kg or 101 kg or 86 kg.

Since the weight of heaviest person is 87 kg, the weight of the fifth person cannot be 106 kg or 101 kg.

The weight of the fifth person is 86 kg. weight of Hussey is 67 kg. The weights of the five persons are 87 kg, 86 kg, 82 kg, 67 kg and 54 kg not necessarily in that order Clarke is the heaviest. Bumrah is the second heaviest.

Therefore Clarke's weight is 87 kg and Bumrah's weight is 86 kg. From statement (2), we get Andy's weight is more than David's weight Andy's weight = 82 kg and David's weight = 54 kg

Q1. Andy weighs 82 kg. Ans:(82)

Q2. 87.86 *82 * 67.54=376 kg. Ans: (376)

Q3. Hussey weighs 67 kg. Ans: (67)

Q4. The second lightest person is Hussey, whose rank is 5. Ans: (5)

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