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LRDI sets (Elementary) 4

Five ladies Mrs. Bhakti, Mrs. Preeti, Mrs. Neeti, Mrs. Shanti and Mrs. Rati stay in five suburbs of Bombay Dadar, Andheri, Kurla, Mulund and Borivli. They are engaged in five different occupations Bank employee, Actress, Teacher, Shop owner and Guide.

  1. Mrs. Bhakti is a Bank employee, staying in Andheri.
  2. Mrs. Neeti owns a book shop in Dadar, although she does not stay in Dadar.
  3. Mrs. Rati's house is in Kurla. She is not a Guide.
  4. The teacher, Mrs. Shanti, lives in Dadar.
  5. The Guide does not stay in Borivli.

Q1. At which of the following places does the actress stay?

  1. Borivli
  2. Dadar
  3. Kurla
  4. Andheri

Q2. Who among the following stays in Borivli?

  1. Mrs. Neeti
  2. Mrs. Preeti
  3. Mrs. Shanti
  4. Mrs. Rati

Q3. What is the occupation of Mrs. Preeti?

  1. Bank employee
  2. Actress
  3. Teacher
  4. Guide

Q4. Who is the actress?

  1. Mrs. Shanti
  2. Mrs. Preeti
  3. Mrs. Neeti
  4. Mrs. Rati

Q5. Where does the Guide stay?

  1. Borivli
  2. Mulund
  3. Kurla
  4. Dadar


Question 1 answer (3)

Question 2 answer (1)

Question 3 answer (4)

Question 4 answer (4)

Question 5 answer (2)


On the basis of the given information we can make the following table.




Mrs. Bhakti


Bank Employee

Mrs. Preeti



Mrs. Neeti


Shop Owner

Mrs. Shanti



Mrs. Rati



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