Adriana, Bandita, Chitra, and Daisy are four female students, and Amit, Barun, Chetan, and Deb are four male students. Each of them studies in one of three institutes - X, Y, and Z. Each student majors in one subject among Marketing, Operations, and Finance, and minors in a different one among these three subjects. The following facts are known about the eight students:

1. Three students are from X, three are from Y, and the remaining two students, both female, are from Z.

2. Both the male students from Y minor in Finance, while the female student from Y majors in Operations.

3. Only one male student majors in Operations, while three female students minor in Marketing.

4. One female and two male students major in Finance.

5. Adriana and Deb are from the same institute. Daisy and Amit are from the same institute.

6. Barun is from Y and majors in Operations. Chetan is from X and majors in Finance.

7. Daisy minors in Operations.

Question No. 1:
Who are the students from the institute Z?
  1. Adriana and Bandita
  2. Adriana and Daisy
  3. Bandita and Chitra
  4. Chitra and Daisy

Question No. 2:
Which subject does Deb minor in?
  1. Cannot be determined uniquely from the given information
  2. Marketing
  3. Operations
  4. Finance

Question No. 3:
Which subject does Amit major in?
  1. Operations
  2. Marketing
  3. Cannot be determined uniquely from the given information
  4. Finance

Question No. 4:
If Chitra majors in Finance, which subject does Bandita major in?
  1. Cannot be determined uniquely from the given information
  2. Marketing
  3. Finance
  4. Operations

Daisy minors in operations (O) so other three must have minored in Finance (F). Let Adriana and Ded be from the some institute P. Daisy and Amit are from some institute q. So Bandita and Chitra must be from z as only two females are from z. Female student from y majors in operations so daisy cannot be from Y so daisy is from X so is Amit. So Adriana and Deb are form Y

Question 1:

Chitra and Bandita. Ans : Chitra and Bandita

Question 2:

Deb minors in Finance. Ans : Finance

Question 3:

Amit majors in finance. Ans : Finance

Question 4:

Given one female student majors in finance. If chitra majors in finance, Bandita majors in operations.

Ans : Operations  

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