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CAT LRDI Set with Video Solution 01

Alpi is a 2 year kid who likes to play with her 5 different toys A, B, C, D, and E. She has exactly one toy of each kind. She played for seven consecutive days starting from Monday, and each dayshe played with at least one toy. The duration (in minutes) for which she played with each of the toys is given below:

The bar graph shows the total duration (in minutes) for which she played with the toys for seven days. All the seven days are disguised as D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, and D7 (i.e. not necessarily in the order from Monday to Sunday).

The following facts are also known:
  • She plays with exactly one toy at a time and does not play with the same toy in any two consecutive days. Further, she does not play with the same toy more than once in any day.
  • She played for the same duration for exactly two consecutive days
  • The duration for which she played on Saturday was half  of the duration for which she played on Sunday.
  • On Monday she played for 3 minutes more than she did on Wednesday, and the day on which she played for the least duration was not Tuesday.
  • The day she played for 6 minutes comes before the day she played for 10 minutes in the week

Question: ON how many days she played with more than 2 toys
Answer: 2

Question: With which toy did she play for the maximum number of times in the week

[1] B
[2] C
[3] Either B or C
[4] None of these
Option: 3

Question: For how many minutes did she play on Monday
Answer: 6

Question: What could be the maximum number of days she played with exactly one toy
Answer: 2

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