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LRDI Questions [Difficult] Set 20

Four couples – Ram & Sita, Laila & Majnu, Krishna & Radha and Heer & Ranjha – are sitting around a circular table on 8 chairs equidistant from each other, all of them facing the centre of the table. Each of the four men and each of the four women wear a T-shirt of one of the four colors i.e Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, such that no two men wear the same colored T-shirt and no two women wear the same colored T-shirt. The following information is also known.

  1. No two men sit adjacent to each other.
  2. Ram is sitting opposite Ranjha.
  3. No husband is sitting adjacent to his wife.
  4. Ram, Majnu, Krishna and Ranjha are males.The rest are females.
  5. In a couple, the husband and wife don’t wear the same colored T-shirt.
  6. Ram does not wear a green colored T-shirt.
  7. No person is wearing the same colored T-shirt as the person sitting either adjacent or opposite to him/her.
  8. Sita is not sitting adjacent to Krishna.
  9. Heer and Ranjha wear Blue and Red colored T-shirts respectively.

Q1. Which 2 people are sitting adjacent to the male wearing the Blue T-shirt?

  1. Heer & Laila
  2. Laila & Sita
  3. Sita & Radha
  4. Radha & Heer

Q2. If the person sitting to the immediate right of Krishna is wearing a blue colored T-shirt, then that person is:

  1. Heer
  2. Laila
  3. Either Heer or Laila
  4. Either Laila or Radha

Q3. Who are wearing the Yellow colored T-shirts?

  1. Heer & Majnu
  2. Ram & Laila
  3. Ranjha & Radha
  4. Sita & Krishna

Q4. How many individuals are sitting between Krishna and Majnu?

Following conditions (1), (2), (3), (4)) & ( 8), we get the following possible arrangements, where Sita can only sit between Majnu & Ranjha.

Also, Radha will have to sit between Ram & Majnu and Heer will have to sit between Ram &  Krishna as per condition ( 3) We get the following possible final seating arrangements

Further, as per conditions (5),(6),(7) and (9), since Ranjha is wearing a red T-shirt and Rare cannot wear a green T-shirt, he wears a yellow T-shirt. Also, Site will wear a green T-shirt. Now, only Majnu can wear a blue T-shirt and Krishna wears a green T shirt and Leila wears a Yellow T-shirt and Radha wears a red T-shirt .The final possible arrangements are as follows:

Q1. The male wearing the blue T-shirt is Majnu. Adjacent to Majnu are Radha & Sita. 
Hence, [3].

Q2. This condition satisfies the 1st possible arrangement. As per that, Heer is sitting to the immediate right of Krishna. Hence, [1].

Q3. The yellow T-shirts are being worn by Ram & Laila. Hence, [2].

Q4. It can be seen that Krishna and Majnu are sitting opposite to each other. Therefore, the number of persons sitting between them in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions is 3. Therefore, the required answer is 3.

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