LRDI sets (Elementary) 8

There are seven boys Abhay, Amar, Aman, Avinash, Ajay, Abhinav and Abhishek. They reach the school in certain sequence. Abhay reaches immediately before Amar but does not immediately follow Abhinay. Avinash is the last one to reach the school. Abhishek follows immediately after Amar and is subsequently followed by Aman.

Q1. Who reaches third to the school?

  1. Amar
  2. Ajay
  3. Abhay
  4. Data inadequate

Q2. Who reaches the school between Avinash and Abhishek?

  1. Aman
  2. Abhishek
  3. Abhay
  4. Abhinav

Q3. Who reaches fifth to the school?

  1. Ajay
  2. Abhinav
  3. Abhishek
  4. Avinash

Q4. If the principal of the school decides that after the morning prayer nobody will b allowed to come and Amar is not allowed. How many other than Amar will not b allowed to enter the school?

  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 2
  4. 5

Q5. Who is the first one to reach the sthool?

  1. Amar
  2. Ajay
  3. Avinash
  4. Abhinav


Question 1 answer (3)

Question 2 answer (1)

Question 3 answer (3)

Question 4 answer (1)

Question 5 answer (4)


The sequence is : Abhinav, Ajay, Abhay, Amar, Abhishek, Aman, Avinash.

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