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CAT 2019 Question Paper

This page is meant for CAT 2019 Question paper with solutions. We would like to let our visitors know that since CAT 2017, the IIMs have been releasing the question paper along with the official answer key. For CAT 2018, the exam was held on 25th Nov, and the student answer copy was released on 30th Nov. We are expecting a similar thing to happen this year as well.  CAT 2019 would be conducted on 24th Nov, and we are expecting the IIMs to release the CAT 2019 answer copy in the subsequent week.

We are expecting the official answer key from the IIMs sometime in the first week of December 2019.  We would like to remind you that the official answer key does not have the explanations. We would be coming up with the correct answer explanations for CAT 2019 question paper within 2 days after the release of the paper.

CAT 2019 question paper is likely to have a similar pattern and a similar difficulty level. In the notification released by the IIMs, no changes in the exam format or the paper pattern were announced, a clear indication that CAT 2019 question paper will have similar question variety and difficulty level as did CAT 2018 question paper. Nevertheless, we always advise the students to be on guard and be prepared for any kind of eventuality. For instance, in CAT 2018 students were expecting the paper to be similar to CAT 2017, but that was not the case. The Quant section of CAT 2018 turned out to be way tougher than the Quant section of CAT 2017, disorienting many students.

In CAT 2019 Question paper such a thing may turn out to be true. What should you do if the difficulty level is different from what you had expected

If the CAT 2019 question paper turns out to be easy, then speed will play a major role in deciding who does well and who does not. If you realize that the paper is relatively easier than what you had come across in your mocks, step up your speed.

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On the other hand, if the CAT 2019 question paper turns out to be tougher than what you had seen in the mocks, you should be alert and choosy about what you solve and what you leave. Question selection becomes very important in a difficult paper.

These are our 2 cents.

All the best for CAT 2019!

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