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CAT 2019: Detailed Analysis of Slot 1 and 2 with expected cutoffs


CAT 2019 paper [Slot 1] was on simliar lines as CAT 2018.

However, the section-wise the difficulty was different. Verbal ability was comparably easier than reading comprehension, but reading comprehension was far more difficult, making the overall section a bit difficult.

Logical Reasoning and data interpretation section gave some respite in terms of toughness level and calculations required to get the questions correct.

Quantitative aptitude section too was slightly easier compared to CAT 2018 paper, although the question pattern remained the same as that of last year.

In this page, we are providing detailed analysis of slot 1 (slot 2 will be put in the evening today).

CAT 2019 Slot 1 Paper bird’s eye view:

Verbal Ability Section
TopicNumber of Questionlevel
Reading Comprehension24moderate-difficult
Parajumbles4easy -moderate
odd sentences3Easy
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation
SetNumber of Questionlevel
Radar Graph DI Questions4Easy
Alphanumeric & Cryptography4Easy
Linear arrangement4easy-moderate
Multiple Graph (Bar and table)4moderate
Mathematical Puzzle4moderate-difficult
Tournament (multiple rounds)4moderate-difficult
Matching two parameters4easy
Mapping and Direction4easy-moderate
Quantitative Aptitude
TopicNumber of Questionlevel
Algebra9easy -moderate
Modern maths2easy-moderate

CAT 2019 Slot 1 Paper detailed analysis


Here is the detailed analysis of VARC section of slot 1 of cat 2019:

  1. Unlike the RCs of the last three years, the CAT RCs of 2019 were not so easy to comprehend. While two passages, one on “Penguins of Antarctica” and the other on “commentary on the author of the Arabian Nights”, can be categorised as moderate, there were three others which were tough. Each of the five passages came from different subject areas. There was one that discussed “Topophilia”, then there was one more that talked about “consumer behaviour”; the fifth was on “folk music”. The passages on folk music, topophilia and Arabian Nights were not so easy to comprehend, while the ones on consumer behaviour, and penguins of Antarctica were a little easy to comprehend.
  2. The other thing was the question variety. The answers of very few questions could be found directly in the passage. To answer the questions, it was very important for the student to understand the passage. Most of the questions were of the critical reasoning type.
  3. The VA part of slot 1 was a lifeline for those who attempted the questions. The 4-3-3 format was found this year as well. Two parajumbles had four sentences, and two had five sentences. Two parajumbles were very easy, while one was tough and one other moderate. Sentence exclusion, each of which had 5 sentences, was moderate, and out of the three summary questions, one was tough and the other two were easy.
  4. People who missed solving VA questions are likely to suffer the most, for VA was the only silver lining in the dark varc cloud. It was easy to get 6 questions out of 10 correct.
  5. In the reading comprehension part, caution would have paid rich dividends. Reckless attempt of the questions is likely to result in lower accuracy.

Good Attempt: 22+ questions


Here is the LRDI analysis of CAT 2019 Slot 1:

This year CAT has toned down the toughness level. The overall toughness of the section was moderate, making the section definitely easier than last year’s.  There were direct data interpretation based problems. Almost 6 Sets were doable (easy to moderate difficulty level).

Here are the descriptions of the sets:

Set 1:

Radar-based DI questions. This set was easy. All questions could have been solved by referring to the graphs.

Set 2:

Alphanumeric Set. The set was based on alphanumeric reasoning wherein 0-9 digits are assigned to letters A – J.  Addition of two sets of numbers formed by these letters were given. We required to find the value of each letter. This set was also easy. Should have been solved.

Set 3

This was a linear arrangement based set.  12 letters of three different categories were to be arranged in a linear fashion in a shelf having 16 positions. The set had 4 easy conditions. All 4 questions were easy to moderate.

Set 4:

Multiple Graph (Bar and table). The set was about identifying missing data and arranging some states and UTs according to the number of crimes ( three types).

The set demanded some minor calculations for some questions. The overall difficulty was moderate.

Set 5:

This was a numerical puzzle type. Prizes kept in 100 boxes with some conditions.

This set looked difficult. It should have been avoided.

Set 6:

Games and Tournament

Based on points received by a few participants in multiple rounds. It was moderate to difficult set.

Set 7:

Matching two variables:

In the set we had to match 4 dancers with 4 musicians in order, using 3-4 conditions. This was an overall very easy set. Should definitely have been solved.

Good Attempt: 16+ questions


Quant Analysis of slot 1 paper of CAT 2019.

The paper pattern and topic wise distribution were very similar to last year’s. However, the difficulty level of the paper was lower than last year’s.

As usual arithmetic dominated the section, followed by Algebra and Geometry.

There were no heavy calculation based problems.

Arithmetic: Almost all questions from arithmetic (except 1-2) could have been easily solved

Geometry: The questions from geometry heavily tilted towards the circle and coordinate geometry.

Algebra: This section of QA had questions from all areas such as functions, series, log, maxima minima, equations etc.  A few questions did require some calculations but those questions should have been avoided.

Number + Modern maths:  The questions from numbers were mostly based on the elementary property of numbers.  There was one question each from Pnc and set theory.

Good Attempt: 20+ questions

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