How to prepare for CAT verbal ability section VARC

How to prepare for CAT verbal ability section (VARC)

How to prepare for CAT verbal ability section (VARC)
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CAT Verbal Ability Preparation

The CAT exam has not defined CAT syllabus. There is no prescribed Verbal Ability (VARC) Syllabus. However, if we go by past years’ CAT verbal pattern, then we find that the syllabus consists of: Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability. For educators like me, Reading Comprehension is different from verbal ability. Everything apart from CAT reading comprehension falls under verbal ability.

The verbal ability consists of: TITA parajumbles, Odd Sentence, Paragraph Summary, Paragraph Completion, Word Usage, Grammar, and vocabulary based fill in the blanks. This CAT pattern is more or less the same for all other MBA entrance exams. You can have a look at the CAT syllabus below:

CAT 2018 Syllabus

CAT Reading Comprehension

The verbal ability (VARC) section of CAT is dominated by RCs; in fact 70 percent of the paper is from reading comprehension. Reading Comprehension is a challenge for most students, but I have worked out a broad strategy for reading comprehension in the article given below. You can go to these links once you have gone through this article.

500 RC Practice Questions with Video Solutions

List of Articles on CAT Verbal Ability

Download FREE CAT RC | Parajumbles | Grammar pdf
Previous Years CAT RC Passages PDF
FREE CAT RC Practice Questions

CAT Grammar and Vocabulary

The student must start his prep by working on vocabulary and basic grammar. This is the first step, and this step must be repeated regularly until the end of the exam. To improve basic grammar you can go to the link given here:

For vocabulary, I have designed a free course that could be of immense help to the aspirant:

You can log in here and enroll for the entire vocab course for free.

So we have taken care of vocab and grammar, but simply going through the vocab videos and grammar concept videos may not be enough. You have to read something regularly to ensure that you get an intuitive hold on the language. This will develop your reading skills.

CAT Parajumbles

The next area that you must work on is parajumbles. After reading comprehension, parajumbles are the most common type of questions that come in CAT verbal ability. Here is an article on CAT parajumbles that will help you better understand how to devise a strategy for TITA Parajumbles:

How to Prepare for Parajumbles

CAT ODD Sentences

The next important area that you have to work on is Odd Sentence, which is just another form of Parajumbles. I have discussed Odd Sentence separately in this article:

How to approach Odd Sentences

CAT Para Summary

The new variety that has of late come in CAT in good numbers is ‘Para Summary’. This is relatively a new question type, and hence little is known about how to approach them. However, I have designed video solutions of CAT 2017 Paragraph Summary Questions. You can go through these videos, and you will get a fair understanding of CAT para summary questions.

Watch: How to approach CAT Para Summary Questions

These are some of the things that you have to work on to ensure that you do well in the in CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section.

You can try our online course here:

CAT online Verbal Course

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