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841+ Quant Questions for CAT [Quantitative Aptitude] with Solutions

Quant Questions which appear in CAT are often tricky. As a result, an orthodox textbook method may not always be preferable in solving these CAT questions.

To solve CAT questions on Quant, it is imperative not only to be good with the concepts of major topics of Quantitative Aptitude for CAT but also to be good at applying various shortcuts and tricks to get to the answers quickly.

In this section, we have collected CAT  quantitative aptitude questions with detailed solutions, on important topics. The purpose of this section is to give good sets of questions which test the depth of your concepts on various topics of quantitative aptitude.

What is the level of these Quant CAT Questions?

In CAT quantitative aptitude section, the questions are of varied difficulty level. In recent CAT papers, the overall difficulty level has dropped considerably. However, nothing can be predicted about the difficulty level of quant questions in CAT 2019.

As a result, one should always be prepared to negotiate any changes in the difficulty level of the exam. Keeping this in mind, most of the questions in this section are of moderate to the higher difficulty level.

Who should take solve these Quant CAT Questions?

Most of the questions are of moderate to the higher difficulty level. Therefore,  we strongly suggest taking these questions only if you are done with the basic concepts of all the topics of quant.

However, if you are still in the process of learning the concepts, you may take the practice sets on the topic on which you have completed the concepts and have already practiced elementary level questions.

If you are about to start your preparation for CAT quant, then we highly recommend our article on ‘How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT’.

Are these Quant Questions in the form of test?

The quant questions are clubbed into many practice sets depending upon the topic and difficulty level. Each set has around 5-10 questions. Many of these questions have detailed explanations.

In fact, we have around 30 select quant questions across topics which have detailed VIDEO solutions. These 30 questions are part of our online CAT Quant Course.

You can also download these 30 questions of quants in pdf format. here is the link:

FREE Download Quant questions PDF

You can take these practice sets as a test. For your reference, if you get more than 70% of these questions correct, then your preparation for the Quantitative Section is at par.

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