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841+CAT Quant Questions [Quantitative Aptitude] with Solutions

To solve CAT Quant questions (Quantitative Aptitude), one needs to be good with the concepts, formulas, and shortcuts of all the important topics from CAT quantitative aptitude section:
  • Number System
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Arithmetic
  • Higher Mathematics
The next step is to practice a good number of varying difficulty quantitative aptitude questions from these topics. This exercise will help you become familiar with a wide variety of questions, apart from teaching you how to apply these concepts.
To give you the actual feel of CAT quant questions’ level, we are happy to release some randomly selected mixed set of questions with video solutions. These questions have been taken from our Online CAT Quant Course.
Each set contains 5 questions.

CAT Quant Questions for Practice with Video Solutions

CAT Quant Questions Set 01

CAT Quant Questions Set 02

CAT Quant Questions Set 03

CAT Quant Questions Set 04

CAT Quant Questions Set 05

CAT Quant Questions Set 06

Algebra Practice Questions with Solutions

Time and Work

Time Speed and Distance

To help the aspirants to understand types of quantitative aptitude questions which have appeared in previous years CAT exam, we have segregated the Past year CAT Quant questions depending upon the topics they are from.
841+CAT Quant Questions [Quantitative Aptitude] with Solutions
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