CAT Quant Questions with Video Solutions

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Question 1:
ABC is an isosceles triangle with sides AB=AC=5. D is a point in between B and C such that BD=2 and DC=4.5. Find the length of AD.
Topic: triangles

[1] \(2\sqrt 2 \)
[2] \(3\)
[3] \(4\)
[4] \(2\sqrt 3 \)

Answer: Option: 3

Question 2:
Let \(P=\frac{1}{{{10}^{2}}+1}+\frac{2}{{{10}^{2}}+2}+\frac{3}{{{10}^{2}}+3}+...+\frac{10}{{{10}^{2}}+10}\) then which of the following is the best approximate value of P.
Topic: series

[1] \(0.42\)
[2] \(0.52\)
[3] \(0.57\)
[4] \(0.62\)

Answer: Option: 2

Question 3:
How many rectangles can be formed by taking the four vertices of 18-sided regular polygon.
Topic: permutation and combination

Answer: 36

Question 4:
Find the smallest number which has 6 distinct factors
Topic: factors

Answer: 12

Question 5:
If Rohit drives at 20kmph, he reaches office at 3 pm. If he drives at 30kmph, he reaches office at 11 am. At what speed he should drive if he wishes to reach office at 1 pm.
Topic: speed time and distance

[1] 25 kmph
[2] 24 kmph
[3] 27 kmph
[4] None of these

Answer: Option: 2

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