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[PDF] CAT Quant [Aptitude] Questions with solutions

cat quant questions with solutions pdf

The PDF comprises of 30 selected CAT Quant Questions for aspirants who are preparing for the CAT exam. Each of these Quant questions has a detailed video solution. The link to the solution is provided at the end of each question in the PDF.

60 Quant Questions with Solutions PDF

These 30 questions on Quantitative Aptitude are selected of our CAT Quant online Course.

CAT Quantitative Aptitude Overview

The CAT quant section has 34 questions. Around 10-11 questions are of non-MCQ types and rest are of MCQ type. Each MCQ type CAT Quant question carries 3 marks; and for an incorrect answer, there is a penalty of 1 mark for MCQ type questions.

Must ReadCAT Exam Pattern

We have observed that in the recent CAT papers, the questions in CAT quant section have come mostly from Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry.

Must Read: How to prepare for CAT Quantitative Aptitude

The CAT Quant Questions PDF has questions primarily from these areas. In the PDF, We have also mentioned the difficulty level of each question.

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