Daily Article of the day for reading comprehension

Daily Article of the Day to improve reading comprehension for CAT

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This page is created for aspirants who are looking for some best English articles to improve CAT reading comprehension.

What is this ‘Article of the Day’ all about?

You all must be aware that CAT reading comprehension is one the most important areas that are tested in CAT; in fact, CAT reading comprehension comprises almost 75% of the entire CAT verbal ability and reading comprehension section.

Moreover, a number of other entrance exams such as IIFT, NMAT, XAT and SNAP test the aspirants in this area. Therefore, it is advisable that the aspirants master the reading comprehension, to maximise their chances of scoring well in the CAT verbal ability and reading comprehension section.

Why did Bodhee Prep start with the ‘Article of the Day’ series?

Over the years, we observed that students often fail to do well in CAT reading comprehension. After analysing the weaknesses of a number of students, we realized that students are weak in reading comprehension because:

  1. They have very poor reading skills, as a result of which they fail to grasp the central idea of the passage
  2. They don’t have access to good articles that are similar to the ones that come in the CAT exam.
  3. They are not able to develop a regular reading habit

To address these three areas, we have started with the ‘Article of the day’ series.

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What kind of articles do we cover in this series?

In the ‘Article of the day’ series, you will find articles that are quite similar to the ones that come in entrance tests. If you go through the CAT reading comprehension section of past year papers, you will notice that most of the passages come from

  • Science and Technology
  • Business and Economics
  • Humanities.

Most of the articles are complex and focus on some specific problem about which you would never have read before. Thus, we feel that students should read something with which they are less familiar, in order to easily and quickly adapt to the reading materials that are likely to come across in CAT reading comprehension.

Through our ‘Article of the day’ initiative, we want to expose the students to a wide range of articles from a wide range of subjects, making them aware of plenty of issues and arguments.

Enjoy this series, and do share a word about this initiative of ours.

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