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7 Easy Tips for CAT [RC] Reading Comprehension

tips for cat RC

While preparing for CAT reading comprehension, the aspirant must keep the following tips in mind, to work out an effective strategy:

Tip 1: Develop a good reading habit

This is the first step and the first lesson before you start solving RC questions. Not many students are in the habit of reading. Since reading comprehension (RC) is all about speed reading, you must gradually develop a good reading habit in order to adapt quickly to any kind of content, while reading the RC passages

Tip 2: Understand Question Types

There are different types of questions that come in CAT RC. These question types don’t vary much. Understanding these question types would help you work out a strategy for different types of questions. On the one hand there are questions that are indirect and, therefore, demand understanding, while, on the other hand, there are questions that are direct and, therefore, demand speed. You must have a separate strategy for each of these question varieties.

Tip 3: Learn how a good teacher or a good student solves RC questions

This is the most important step and a critical transition. Though it is true that each of you can have your own strategy, it may not be a right thing to do right at the start of your reading comprehension preparation. You must emulate someone whose method or approach is logical and convincingensuring that you think and work out a method for yourself. Gradually, you will start following that method and it would work because it is helping you arrive at the right answer. This is the most important step of your RC prep because if you miss on this, then you are likely to falter in your accuracy later.

Tip 4: Focus on Accuracy

 Once you have worked out a good reading habit, and have got a fair understanding of the different types of questions that come in CAT RC, you should start solving questions, keeping accuracy in mind. At the start, you should not worry much about the time you take to solve the questions. You should rather take as much time as possible in order to arrive at the right answer. This will ensure that you sharpen your thinking and your reasoning ability

Tip 5: Develop the right speed

As you practice more and more questions and gain confidence, speed is something that gradually comes to you. Moreover, you should not push for speed at the cost of accuracy. The only way you can increase your speed is by practicing as much as possible.

Tip 6: Practice from the right source

Most of us often talk about reading comprehension speed, but not many of us realize the significance of having access to the right practice material. The passages that you solve must have relevant content, followed by relevant questions and good explanations. You should not waste your time on material that is abstruse and incoherent.

Tip 7: Write sectional tests

To further improve accuracy and increase confidence while solving CAT reading comprehension questions, you must focus on the sectional tests. The sectional tests will test your ability to read quickly and attempt the right questions. The right balance between speed and accuracy can be established by taking a good number of sectional tests

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