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[PDF*] FREE CAT RC passages from previous years with category

previous years CAT RC passage pdf
Before you download the CAT reading comprehension passages PDF, please read the extract below. This will help you better use the PDF

FREE Download CAT Reading Comprehension PDF

Aspirants often wonder as to which is the best source for CAT Reading Comprehension. My answer is always the same in each case: past year RC passages from CAT. The passages from past year CAT papers are the best representation of what the actual CAT passages are like. The CAT previous papers are important not only from the CAT Reading Comprehension perspective but also from CAT Quantitative and CAT LRDI perspective.
To know more about the sources from where CAT pulls its passages, you may go through this article:
If we go through the past year CAT papers, we observe that the CAT RC passages fall in three category: Business and Economics; Science, Environment and Technology; and Humanities (Sociology, Philosophy and Art and Literary Criticisms).
To know more about types of reading comprehension passages, you may go here:
We have collected all the passages from the past year CAT papers from 1999 to 2006 in PDF format. From the content point of view, these were the best years of CAT. The questions are a perfect model for practice. We suggest that the aspirants download the PDF of these past year CAT reading comprehension passages, and solve them. The Reading Comprehension for CAT PDF has the passages (categorized) and the answers are given at the end of each category.
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