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How to Read CAT RC passages

At the suggestion of our students and subscribers, in addition to “Article of the day“, we have started a series on “How to read a passage”.

CAT aspirants often complain about their “poor reading skills” and their “slow reading speed”, which we believe are the two primary causes of their not being able to perform well in the reading comprehension section of CAT.

Indeed, in CAT reading comprehension, the biggest roadblock is ‘poor reading skills’ and ‘slow reading speed’. These two issues must be addressed separately but not simultaneously.

To become a good reader, one has to first work on one’s reading skills, and after that one has to work on the speed. Speed reading without proper comprehension is of little value, but good comprehension even at slow speed can be of much help.

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So if your reading skills are bad, we want you to first focus on your reading skills, and then gradually you have to work on speed.

Our “How to read a passage” series will help you not only in becoming familiar with a wide range of RC passages but also in reading those passages with ease.

By improving your reading skills you will be able to improve you reading speed as well. At the start you might be slow in getting hold of things, but as you progress the videos, you will be easily able to adapt to any kind of passage regardless of its style and complexity.

Practice Videos on Reading Passages

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  1. It was a great learning experience for me as it made me understand where to look at while reading a certain passage.

  2. Actually this type of clear-cut information We need, to understand Rc’s well this definitely fruitful for us sir

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