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CAT Quant Practice Problems

Question: If R is an integer between 1 & 9, P – R = 2370, what is the value of R?

I. P is divisible by 4.

II. P is divisible by 9.

  1. The question can be answered with the help of statement I alone
  2. The question can be answered with the help of statement II alone,
  3. If both, statement I and statement II are needed to answer the question, and
  4. If the statement cannot be answered even with the help of both the statements.

Correct Option:2

Given: P - R = 2370
or P = 2370 + R ;
So if we consider only 1st statement, R can be 2 or 6 as 2372 and 2376 both will be divisible by 4.
And if we consider only 2nd statement, R will be having an absolute value of 6 as 2376 will be divisible by 6.
Hence by taking only 2nd statement into consideration, we can find unique value of R.
So answer will be B).

Concept: Try to find a way with which we can find an absolute/unique answer.

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