While preparing for CAT (Common Admission Test), you should divide your CAT study material into three broad categories: CAT Concept Books, CAT Practice Exercise Books, and CAT Sectional Tests and Mock Tests. Since CAT has three different sections, each of these categories will have separate concept and practice books. The mock tests and the sectional tests are different and are usually taken online.

The CAT study material that has been accumulated here, should be used in the right way. It is very important that learners begin with concept books first, followed by practice questions and then switch to sectional tests and mocks. The content of each CAT PDF book, a part of our CAT study material, has been elaborated below. We have not only mentioned the number of pages and the contents of the CAT PDFs books but also have explained how to use it for maximum learning.

To download this CAT study material, you will have to log in through google. Whenever you download any CAT study material, you should know how to use it. Also, you must ensure that the study material is very well organized, with answers and explanations in the right order. The CAT PDF books uploaded here should lay the basic foundation of your CAT preparation, though we believe that you should not restrict your preparation to this material alone.

CAT Quant Study Material [PDF]


Number System builds the basic foundation of aptitude maths. Though the number of direct questions from this section has decreased in recent years, the concepts of number system find wide application in areas such as arithmetic, geometry and algebra. The CAT study material that we have shared here segregates every topic on the basis of concepts and practice questions. This CAT PDF book should be taken up at the start of your CAT preparation.


The highest number of questions in CAT Quantitative Aptitude section come from arithmetic. Almost 50 percent of the questions in the QA section come from arithmetic topics such as profit and loss, discount and percentage, ratio proportion and variation, time speed distance, work and time etc. Thus, arithmetic should be a very important part of any CAT study material. To effectively use this CAT PDF book, you should pick one topic at a time, first going through the formulae and concepts, and then solving the basic level one questions to get a good command on all the concepts. The second stage of your preparation should be focussed on practicing a good number of questions until you think you have mastered the topic.


We want that the CAT study material that we are sharing here to be comprehensive. Though the number of questions coming from geometry has significantly decreased in recent CAT papers, still every year there are three to four questions that come from geometry. Most of these questions are from triangle, circles, and solid geometry. Very few have come from trigonometry and coordinate geometry. Anyone who loves geometry, and is fond of figures, should not leave geometry entirely because in the actual exam, it could make a difference of 10-12 marks.


After Arithmetic, algebra is the most important topic in CAT QA section. 35-40 percent of the questions in QA section come from Algebra. Arithmetic and Algebra together contribute almost 80 percent of the questions in CAT QA section. This CAT PDF book should help you cover all the topics of algebra. Apart from the concepts, the PDF book has a good number of practice questions, covering a wide range of topics of varied difficulty.


Many of you might be surprised to see this CAT PDF book in our CAT study material. Modern maths is a part of the QA section and includes topics such as permutation and combination, probability, and a few others. Though the number of questions from these topics is negligible, aspirants should be familiar with the basic concepts because questions might come in other entrance exams and sometimes the basic concepts are used to answer questions in algebra and number system. To understand and study these topics, apart from this PDF book, nothing else is required.


You might wonder as to why this CAT study material should have a book on grammar, when we all know that in CAT there is not a single question on grammar. While this is a valid argument, every aspirant must understand that apart from CAT he or she would be writing many other exams in which a good number of questions come from English grammar. This CAT PDF book has both concepts and practice questions from all areas of English grammar topics that are tested in aptitude exams. You should study the topics in the order in which they are given.

CAT Vocabulary PDF Book

This CAT PDF book has wordlist with antonyms and synonyms of the words, including a sentence which explains the word usage. Thus, this CAT book not only becomes a dictionary but also a thesaurus, consisting of both antonyms and synonyms. The book also has interesting trivia on vocabulary. As teachers, we believe that a student should go through the important words, not all words. A good wordlist significantly cuts down the number of words that an aspirant has to remember for the purpose of the test. This is one such wordlist.


Idioms and phrases come in exams such as SNAP, NMAT, IIFT and MHCET. Apart from idioms and phrases, the PDF book has a list of confusable words which could be of immense help to students who are preparing for IPMAT, CUET and CLAT exams


Working on vocabulary is one thing, but getting it tested is quite another. The earlier two books on vocabulary and idioms and phrases will help you work on your vocab but you will never know to what extent you are able to improve and whether you are able to remember the words. The tests in this CAT PDF book should help you think, and recollect the meanings of the words that you have come across before.

1000 RC Passages PDF Book

This CAT PDF book has a collection of over 1000 RC passages from a wide range of topics. These RCs are a collection of retired RC passages that have come in exams such as GMAT, GRE, LSAT and CAT. The answer key is given at the end, but unfortunately there are no explanations given, we only have the answer key. It is very difficult to write explanations of so many RC questions. These RCs should be studied with patience and caution.


Critical Reasoning questions are not directly asked in CAT VARC but often feature in reading comprehension passages. But regardless of how these questions come in the exam, critical reasoning can help you a lot in improving your command on CAT reading comprehension. Besides in CAT, these type of questions are seen in XAT, NMAT and MHCET exam.


This PDF book should help students who are preparing for GMAT, SAT and IPMAT because similar questions come in these exams. Going through these questions will help you improve your structural grammar and sharpen your writing skills. The questions from this PDF should be solved once you have gone through all the other more important topics.


This CAT PDF book may not be as important for CAT as for other MBA entrance exams such as IIFT, SNAP, NMAT and XAT. In CAT, data interpretation is often merged with logical reasoning, but in other exams we have seen distinct sets on data interpretation, sets which are easy to get right and are often scoring areas in the exam. However, we have observed that in the past few years, there is at least one set of DI in CAT. This set is of moderate difficulty but is often the easiest among all the sets. Data Interpretation should not be ignored if you want to do well in LRDI section.


Logical reasoning section is a very important section of CAT. The section of late has become very tough, with a good variety of questions come from a variety of topics, which cannot be classified. In our LRDI CAT study material, we have segregated LR and DI because they are different in nature and form. While LR is all about logical thinking, DI is primarily concerned with number crunching. Sometime, an LRDI set could be a combination of both logical reasoning and data interpretation. This CAT PDF book should help you plan your LR section, and you should study the contents in the order in which they are given.