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Question 6:
A five digit number N has all digits different and contains digits 1,3,4,5, and 6 only. If N is the smallest possible number such that it is divisible by 11, then what is the tens place digit of N.
Topic: divisibility

[1] 1
[2] 3
[3] 4
[4] 5

Answer: Option: 2

Question 7:
If \(\alpha \) and \( - \alpha \) are the roots of the equation \(2{x^3} - 5{x^2} - 8x + n = 0\) . Find the value of n?
Topic: equations

Answer: 20

Question 8:
The bases of a trapezoid have lengths 10 and 15. A segment parallel to the bases passes through the point of intersection of the diagonals and extends from one side to the other. Find the length of the segment
Topic: quadrilaterals

[1] 5
[2] \(\sqrt {150} \)
[3] \(\frac{{25}}{{\sqrt 2 }}\)
[4] 12

Answer: Option: 4

Question 9:
The value of a fraction represented in base n is \(0.\overline {111} \) while in base 2n it takes the simpler form 0.2n. What is n?
Topic: base system

Answer: 5

Question 10:
If Gopal and Harish can complete a work together in 20 days, and Gopal alone can do the same work in 32 days. When both work together their efficiencies reduce by 20% compare to the efficiency when they would have worked alone. Find the number of days Harish alone takes to complete the same work.
Topic: work and time

Answer: 32

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