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CAT Online Coaching Course for Preparation of CAT 2022


If you are new to CAT preparation, and are looking for a full-fledged CAT online coaching, then this is the page that you must completely explore. Apart from our paid online CAT courses, we have designed a good amount of free content which you can access by clicking on the tab below.

But before you start exploring the free and paid online courses, we would suggest that you read our CAT preparation blogs immediately in the next section. The blog will help you understand the dynamics on online CAT coaching, thus helping you in making the most of free study materials provided by us.

It is worth mentioning that before you start your preparation for CAT, you must go through the CAT syllabus and latest CAT paper pattern to understand the important topics in all the three sections.
You may also go through the previous year CAT paper with Solutions.
At last, if you have any query regarding our CAT online course, feel free to get in touch with us.
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Online CAT Preparation blogs and Articles

Free Online CAT Course & Study Material

You would like to know how this free online CAT preparation material is different from other free online study material. The study material that we have opened here is a part of our premium offering. The free cat online coaching material that you see is here is just 5% of our total offering.

All the questions in the free course have in-depth video explanations, which facilitates better understanding and has a greater impact than questions that have superficial textual explanations.

FREE CAT Verbal Ability Course

Verbal ability and reading comprehension section of CAT consists of 34 questions out of which 24 questions are on reading comprehension alone and rest 10 questions are on verbal ability.

The verbal ability comprises three types of questions – parajumbles, odd sentences, and paragraph summary

CAT Verbal Ability practice questions with video solutions





CAT Verbal Ability Articles

FREE CAT Quantitative Ability Course

Quant section in CAT has gone drastic change in recent CAT exam. The section which once was Achilles heel for many students who are weak in maths has now become one of the scoring section. All thanks to the decrease in the toughness level on the questions and steep rise of questions from arithmetic area.

In the free section of CAT Quant online course, we are providing good sets of practice questions with video solutions. Also, to help students to clear their concepts in key topics, we are providing concept articles.

CAT Quantitative Ability practice questions with video solutions

CAT Quantitative Ability Articles

1[3 Steps] how to prepare for CAT Quantitative Aptitude






In CAT 2017 and 2018, Data interpretation and logical reasoning section gave tough time to all aspirants irrespective of their background. However, in CAT 2019 the toughness level of DILR section is toned down a bit and was manageable for serious students.

With the facility of onscreen calculator, the questions from data interpretation has moved from calculation intensive to reasoning.

In the free DILR online course we are providing a good number of sets for practice with video solutions.

CAT DILR practice questions with video solutions

CAT Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Articles

Online CAT 2021 Courses


  • 500 hours of quality video content
  • 3000+ Theory videos
  • 8000 + practice questions
  • 320+ Topic wise Tests
  • 45 sectional tests
  • 10 Full length CAT mock tests
  • Video explanation of every concept and video solution for every question
  • Regular live sessions
  • Dedicated WhatsApp for doubt solving & mentoring
  • Affordable Price

Plans and Pricings

CAT Full Course
INR 9999
  • 3000+ HD quality videos
  • 8000+ Practice problems
  • 420+ Topicwise Tests
  • 45 CAT Sectional Tests
  • 10 CAT Mock Tests
  • Weekly live sessions
  • Dedicated Whatsapp group for doubt clearing
  • Valid till 31st March 2022
CAT Verbal Course
INR 4499
  • 1600+ HD quality videos
  • 3000+ Practice problems
  • 200+ Topicwise Tests
  • 15 Sectional Tests
  • Weekly live sessions
  • Dedicated Whatsapp group for doubt clearing
  • Valid till 31st March 2022
CAT Quant Course
INR 3999
  • 1200+ HD quality videos
  • 3500+ Practice problems
  • 220+ Topicwise Tests
  • 15 Sectional Tests
  • Weekly live sessions
  • Dedicated Whatsapp group for doubt clearing
  • Valid till 31st March 2022
INR 3499
  • 200+ HD quality videos
  • 1500+ Practice problems
  • 15 Secional Tests
  • Weekly live sessions
  • Dedicated Whatsapp group for doubt clearing
  • Valid till 31st March 2022
CAT Reading Comprehension Course
INR 2499
  • CAT RC Theory Videos
  • Reading techniques Videos
  • 700+ Practice problems
  • 100+ Critical Reasoning questions
  • Valid till 31st March 2022
CAT MOCK Test Series
INR 1999
  • 400+ topic wise tests
  • 45 Sectional Tests
  • 10 Full Length Mock Tests
  • Valid till 31st March 2022


1Does Bodhee Prep’s CAT online coaching provide live sessions?

Yes, our online cat course does provide live sessions. The live sessions are subsequently recorded and uploaded on the learning platform provided by Learnyst. Thus, the students who miss the live classes or don’t have time enough to attend the live sessions can watch the live recorded sessions on our portal.

2Are live sessions better than pre-recorded sessions? What if we miss the live sessions?

We have partially answered this question above. However, a clear unambiguous answer would be “No, live sessions are not as good as the pre-recorded ones”. Let’s see why!

From content perspective, both the live sessions and the pre-recorded sessions will have the same content. As far as the question of having any doubts and getting them cleared is concerned, we have separate sessions for doubt clarification.

He should indeed attend the live sessions, but only if he has time, but he should not allot time separately for this activity. The live sessions that are uploaded later, are edited and are, therefore, of much shorter duration than the actual live sessions.

Much of the time in the live sessions is spent in giving time to the student to solve the questions, an activity that we think is a waste of time. In online cat coaching, the student should not invest time in something that he can think he can do on his own.

3How is Bodhee Prep’s online cat course different from other online cat coaching?

Bodhee Prep’s cat online course is different in many ways. Firstly, we provide both live sessions and a good amount of practice content, all with video solution. This ensures better learning experience, as the student goes through whole process of working out or arriving at the right answer. Secondly, our content quality. We would not elaborate much on that.

If you want to test our content quality, you may have a look at our entire content. If it matches your requirement, you may go ahead and buy. Finally, our content quantity is one of the best in the online space.  We believe that practice is the only thing that can make you perfect. You must have the right content in the right amount to get the expected results.

If you are interested in knowing more about how we are different, you can have a look at our reviews. They show how we mentor our students, and how the students personally share feedback about our course.

4Can we go through the videos and questions more than once?

Yes, this is the most attractive feature of our online cat coaching. You can go through the course content as many times you want. This will ensure you revise and cover the concepts multiple times, making yourself better in all areas of CAT.

5How can we contact you if we need some information about your online CAT course?

To get more information about our online cat coaching, you may write to us at: bodheeprep[at]gmail[dot]com or call us on 9518940261

6What is your doubt solving mechanism?

Doubt solving is the most important aspect of any online cat preparation. Many students feel that online cat coaching is not of much help on this front. But the issue is not as serious as they think. We have weekly doubt clarification sessions. Students can mail their questions/sets in advance. In the weekly live sessions, we take the questions that we have accumulated in that respective week.

7How unique is the content of your CAT online course?

Our content is difficult, if not unique. It is relevant to CAT. It touches each and every aspect of CAT syllabus. These things are more important than the uniqueness of the content. At the end of the day, you are going to learn the same concepts. The geometry theorems, the algebraic concepts, the grammar rules will always be the same. What would be unique is the way they are taught, and in that we are indeed unique. Enroll for a day’s free trial of our entire course to see how unique our content is.

8What is the validity of the cat online courses of your cat online coaching?

All our courses are valid for a year from the date of purchase. At times we extend the validity of the course by a month or two because the student is preparing for other exams that are yet to be conducted. This extension is provided free of cost.

9How genuine are your reviews and your results?

Yes, there are many instances in which online cat coaching institutes have posted paid reviews or fake reviews. We are quite transparent in that. We don’t claim that we are the best online cat coaching or the best online cat preparation platform.

Yes, going by the amount of appreciation that we have got on our YouTube videos, and from students who have gone through our course, we feel that we are indeed one of the best. But again this is just talk.

You can have a look at our WhatsApp feedback. These don’t lie. When a student sincerely thanks you on personal chats and messages, then indeed it is a genuine and heartfelt appreciation, and we have plenty of evidence here:

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