Online CAT Coaching and Online CAT Preparation 2020

Online CAT Coaching for CAT 2020

Best Online CAT Preparation Course for CAT 2020 Exam

  • 20 hours of free online CAT coaching content
  • 500 hours of paid online CAT preparation content
  • Regular live sessions as a part of our CAT online coaching
  • Video explanation of every concept and video solution for every question
  • 3000+ online CAT preparation videos
  • 8000 + questions for online CAT coaching
  • Dedicated WhatsApp & Facebook Groups for online CAT preparation and doubt solving

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What is so unique about Bodhee Prep’s online CAT Coaching Course



Our CAT online coaching pedagogy believes in conceptual clarity. We have put in efforts to ensure that every critical and trivial concept is covered in our online CAT course. You can take a dayโ€™s free trial and go through the quality and quantity of our content.


We have provided video explanations to all the 4000 plus questions that are there in our package. The textual explanation does not add much to the studentsโ€™ learning. In video explanations, the audio-visual mode of presentation has a far deeper impact, helping the students remember the lessons in a better way and for a longer period of time


We take live doubt clearing sessions as a part of online coaching for the CAT exam. We encourage the students to ask doubts even from the material that is not provided by us. We usually cover these doubts in our doubt clarification sessions.

What do students say about our online CAT Preparation Courses?

I used to regularly practice from Bodhee Prepโ€™s website. I found their free content for CAT online preparation very helpful. I decided to buy their online CAT course to further boost my online CAT preparation. Though I was initially sceptical about CAT online coaching, after starting with the course I discovered that in certain respects it was even better than CAT classroom coaching. I am very happy that took the right decision by joining Bodhee Prepโ€™s CAT online coaching

Karan Sahu
CAT 2018 Percentile: 99.76

I had joined a classroom program at PT Raipur. To further boost my CAT preparation, I thought of joining some online CAT coaching. I came across a few geometry videos of Bodhee Prep on their youtube channel. I was so impressed by the no of concepts and free questions that I thought of trying their full course. I got a dayโ€™s free trial of their online CAT coaching. I checked each and everything. I was very impressed by their content quality and by the fact that every question had a video solution. I owe my 99.3 percentile to their online coaching for cat

Mohit Sharma
CAT 2018 Percentile: 99.3

After my CAT paper got over and I got to know my scores by matching my answers with the official key. The very first thing I did was thank Bodhee Prep for their excellent VARC content. I was looking for good online CAT coaching. The most that I came across did not have good verbal ability content. At this moment I came across Bodhee Prepโ€™s online CAT preparation website. I went through the verbal ability content and found that it was exactly what I was looking for. I joined their CAT online coaching and here I am with 99.25 percentile.

CAT 2018 Percentile: 99.25

Plans and Pricings

CAT 2020
Full Course
โ‚น 7999
  • 500 hours of paid online CAT coaching content
  • 3000+ online CAT preparation videos
  • 8000+ questions as a part of online CAT course
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions
  • Free CATย workshop (starts from 1st Sept 2020)

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CAT 2020
Verbal Course
โ‚น 3999
  • 50 hours Pre-Recorded Video Sessions
  • 25+ Live Sessions
  • 1300+ Practice Questions (all with Video Solutions)
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions
  • 15 Live workshop sessions

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CAT 2020
Quant Course
โ‚น 2999
  • 250+ concept videos covering full CAT syllabus
  • 1000+ Practice Problems (all with Video Solutions)
  • Videos on tricks and shortcuts
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions
  • 15 Live sessions workshop

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CAT 2020
LRDI Course
โ‚น 2499
  • 150+ CAT Level LRDI sets with Video Solutions
  • Concept Videos for approaches & techniques
  • Tricks and Tips to use the options
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions
  • 15 Live sessions workshop

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Information about CAT Exam

CAT Exam Pattern

Familiarity with CAT exam pattern is a must for any student who is preparing for CAT 2020 exam. CAT exam pattern and CAT syllabus are the two broad areas that you must research on, study and analyse in order to lay out a preparation plan for CAT 2020. So before you join any coaching institute or buy any books or enrol for an online course, go through this article thoroughly. Read more

CAT Syllabus

CAT syllabus is the first thing that must be understood by an aspirant who is planning to prepare for CAT 2020. Knowing the CAT syllabus 2020 is one thing, and understanding the contents of that syllabus is quite another. By contents of the syllabus for CAT, we mean the individual topics and subtopics that fall in that syllabus.Read more

How to Prepare for CAT

Asking how to prepare for CAT 2020 or crack CAT is like asking how to learn to play cricket. There would be no standard answer to this question, and if there is an answer, the reader must be patient enough to go through it completely. The answer to the question of how to prepare for CAT 2020 exam would depend on these factors:Read more

FREE CAT Prep Resources

CAT Reading Comprehension

Among Bodhee Prep’s free online CAT study material, there is a repository of over 100 CAT reading comprehension passages with the complete textual explanation. In addition to this free CAT online RC passages, we have more than 100 reading comprehension passages from different subjects. These passages, however, are without any textual explanation. But, if the student follows the strategy and the approach illustrated in the textual explanation, then he would be able to solve these passages on his own. We would want you to follow this RC page that guides on everything about CAT reading comprehension. Read more

CAT Quantitative Aptitude

Though our free CAT online study material covers a good no of questions on different topics of CAT quantitative aptitude, we want the aspirants to first go through the quant syllabus and the subtopics that fall in every topic of that syllabus. The syllabus will give you a fair idea of what exactly you need to study in CAT quant. Before you move ahead with your study plan for CAT Quant, we want you to read this article on “how to prepare for CAT quantitative aptitude“. We believe that if there is any CAT section that needs to be carefully planned, it is the CAT Quant section. Once you have become familiar with the syllabus and recent exam pattern, you can access our free CAT quant study material.
Read more

CAT Logical Reasoning

Much of the free online CAT study material in this section has questions that are conceptual in nature. We believe that before you start taking the high difficulty questions from past year mock papers and from past year CAT papers, you should first get a fair idea of how to solve basic logical reasoning puzzles. These basic logical reasoning questions will develop in you the ability to work on smaller conditions and constraints. The skills that you develop here can be then used in solving the higher difficulty CAT Logical reasoning questions. You can read this article that talks about the syllabus, and the pattern of the cat logical reasoning section.Read more

CAT Verbal Ability

Bodhee Prep’s free online CAT study material also has plenty of questions from CAT verbal ability. The questions are from parajumbles, odd sentence, para summary, vocabulary and CAT grammar. Our CAT online coaching provides videos solutions but here the video solutions would be available only for few questions.. Before you start solving the questions from the practice material, we want you to get through the strategy article on each area, and, if possible, also watch the video explanation to some of the questions. You can follow this page that lays out the study plan for CAT verbal ability. Read more


Answer: Yes, our online cat coaching does provide the live sessions. In fact, we are the only cat online preparation that provides both live sessions and pre-loaded video course. The live sessions are subsequently recorded and uploaded on the learning platform provided by Learnyst. Thus, the students who miss the live classes or don’t have time enough to attend the live sessions can watch the live recorded sessions on our portal. 

Since we believe that an aspirant should use his time wisely, we believe that the live sessions should be used for clearing doubts or for solving medium to high difficulty questions. The student should not waste his time learning the basic concepts, which he can anyways study on his own. Live sessions demands investment of time, both from the teacher and from the student. These live sessions, therefore, should be used for the best reasons, which according to us are: doubt solving, and learning to solve high difficulty questions with the help of a teacher.

Answer: We have partially answered this question above. However, a clear unambiguous answer would be “No, live sessions are not as good as the pre-recorded ones”. Let’s see why!

From content perspective, both the live sessions and the pre-recorded sessions will have the same content. As far as the question of having any doubts and getting them cleared is concerned, we have separate sessions for doubt clarification. So why should a student waste his time on live sessions?

He should indeed attend the live sessions, but only if he has time, but he should not allot time separately for this activity. The live sessions that are uploaded later, are edited and are, therefore, of much shorter duration than the actual live sessions. Much of the time in the live sessions is spent in giving time to the student to solve the questions, an activity that we think is a waste of time. In online cat coaching, the student should not invest time in something that he can think he can do on his own.

That’s why doubt clearing sessions make more sense not only because they are more productive but also because they are more relevant to online cat preparation. You should never make the mistake of learning from a teacher that which you can learn on your own. Always touch the teacher to learn the more difficult and complicated things.

Answer: Yes, online cat coaching is enough to help you crack 2020. With a little of self-help, a student can get more out of cat online preparation than he can from cat offline coaching. Online cat coaching helps you save time and money, and offers you the flexibility to plan your prep the way you want.

In addition to this, cat online coaching gives more to choose from. In offline coaching, you do not have that advantage. Offline coaching can be an issue for students who do not have good offline coaching institutes in their vicinity. Moreover, offline coaching quality is not the same everywhere. Online coaching, however, demands a high level of motivation and discipline from the aspirants. For someone who is completely new to cat, we would suggest a combination of both offline and online cat preparations.

Answer: As far as effectiveness of online cat preparation is concerned, we would say that it is not easy to answer. The effectiveness would depend on the kind of online cat coaching you have joined and on your learning pace.

There are many cat online coaching that do not provide good content. Either the content is too shallow or it does not cover much of the syllabus. To make his online cat preparation more effective, a student should first understand the cat syllabus and cat pattern. And, if possible, he should go through the recent CAT papers.

By doing so he would get a fair idea of what is asked in the exam and what the online cat course should offer. In addition to this, he should ask for a free trial of the entire course. He has every right to have a look at what he is buying. Once he is convinced of the quality, quantity and the relevance of the course, he should join that course. Only this will ensure effective learning. Buying a cat online course simply going by reviews would not be a wise decision at all.

Answer: Bodhee Prep’s cat online coaching is different in many ways. Firstly, we provide both live sessions and a good amount of practice content, all with video solution. This ensures better learning experience, as the student goes through whole process of working out or arriving at the right answer. Secondly, our content quality. We would not elaborate much on that.

If you want to test our content quality, you may have a look at our entire content. If it matches your requirement, you may go ahead and buy. Finally, our content quantity is one of the best in the online space.  We believe that practice is the only thing that can make you perfect. You must have the right content in the right amount to get the expected results.

If you are interested in knowing more about how we are different, you can have a look at our reviews. They show how we mentor our students, and how the students personally share feedback about our course.

Answer: You can access our course on google chrome browser. For video security reasons, we have used a technology that works only on google chrome. You should have a decent internet speed of at least 1 mbps to access the course. Speeds lower than that may not be good enough for you to watch the videos. In addition to this there is no guarantee that the videos will work on iOS.

Answer: Yes, this is the most attractive feature of our online cat coaching. You can go through the course content as many times you want. This will ensure you revise and cover the concepts multiple times, making yourself better in all areas of CAT.

Answer: To get more information about our online cat coaching, you may write to us at: or call us on 9518940261

Answer: Doubt solving is the most important aspect of any online cat preparation. Many students feel that online cat coaching is not of much help on this front. But the issue is not as serious as they think. We have weekly doubt clarification sessions. Students can mail their questions/sets in advance. In the weekly live sessions,  we take the questions that we have accumulated in that respective week.

Answer: The simple answer is that we don’t know. There are many online coaching that claim that they are the best, and they indeed might be. But, it is not right for the teacher to claim that he or she is the best. Such questions are better left to the students.

They are not only in a better position but also a better judge. Just as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so the proof of what is good or the best is in experiencing that thing. Enrol for a day’s free trial of our entire course and see if it we are the best online cat coaching or not.

Answer: Our content is difficult, if not unique. It is relevant to CAT. It touches each and every aspect of  CAT syllabus. These things are more important than the uniqueness of the content. At the end of the day, you are going to learn the same concepts. The geometry theorems, the algebraic concepts, the grammar rules will always be the same. What would be unique is the way they are taught, and in that we are indeed unique. Enrol for a day’s free trial of our entire course to see how unique our content is.

Answer: We provide our students with a study plan. The study plan focuses on two broad areas: learning of the basic concept and practicing of the questions of varying difficulty levels.

You can study from the course at your pace. You can skip the topics that you already know, or are comfortable with. However, the purpose of the study plan is to ensure that ensure that you study in the right order, focusing on the right areas first.

You can download Bodhee Prep’s CAT online preparation study plan here:


Answer: All our courses are valid for a year from the date of purchase. At times we extend the validity of the course by a month or two because the student is preparing for other exams that are yet to be conducted. This extension is provided free of cost.

Answer: Yes, there are many instances in which online cat coaching institutes have posted paid reviews or fake reviews. We are quite transparent in that. We don’t claim that we are the best online cat coaching or the best online cat preparation platform. Yes, going by the amount of appreciation that we have got on our YouTube videos, and from students who have gone through our course, we feel that we are indeed one of the best. But again this is just talk. 

You can have a look at our WhatsApp feedback. These don’t lie. When a student sincerely thanks you on personal chats and messages, then indeed it is a genuine and heartfelt appreciation, and we have plenty of evidence here:

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