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Question 26:
For any three positive real numbers x, y and z,\(9\left( {25{x^2} + {y^2}} \right) + 25\left( {{z^2} - 3zx} \right) = 15y\left( {3x + z} \right)\) Then :
Topic: progressions

[1] x, y and z are in G.P.
[2] y, z and x are in G.P.
[3] y, z and x are in A.P.
[4] x, y and z are in A.P.

Answer: Option: 3

Question 27:
Circles with center A and B are externally tangent to each other and to line m. If the radii of circle A and B are 3 and 1 respectively, Find the area of the shaded region.

Topic: area

[1] \(4\sqrt{3}-\frac{7\pi }{3}\)
[2] \(3\sqrt{3}-\frac{11\pi }{7}\)
[3] \(2\sqrt{3}-\frac{\pi }{3}\)
[4] \(4\sqrt{3}-\frac{11\pi }{6}\)

Answer: Option: 4

Question 28:
13 married couples attended a wedding ceremony, each woman gave a pack of chocolates to everyone except her spouse, and no exchange of gifts took place between men. How many gifts were exchanged among these people?
Topic: permutation and combination

[1] 78
[2] 312
[3] 468
[4] 624

Answer: Option: 2

Question 29:
Let \(f\left( x \right)=a{{x}^{2}}+bx+c\) and \(f\left( {x + y} \right) = f\left( x \right) + f\left( y \right) + xy\). Given a+b+c=3 , find the value of \(f\left( 10 \right)\)
Topic: functions

Answer: 75

Question 30:
Let \(x={{\log }_{4}}9+{{\log }_{9}}28\) then which of the following is true:
Topic: logarithm

[1] 2<x<3
[2] 3<x<4
[3] 4<x<5
[4] None of these

Answer: Option: 2

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