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CAT success stories of our 2022, 2021 and 2020 batches

The stories that we are sharing here are some of those students whom we mentored right from the start of their preparation. Having mentored them, we have seen the ups and downs of their CAT journey.
In these short stories you shall find many inspiring facts, facts that will dispel many myths about cat preparation. We will keep the stories short and relevant to the myths that revolve around CAT prep.

CAT 2022 Results

Naman Kothari99.97 percentile
Aman Pandey99.83 percentile
Asaf Ahmad99.04 percentile
Sujay Subham99.67 percentile
Anadi Ishan99.38 percentile
Anurag Pradeep98.54 percentile
Davidraj J98.69 percentile
Subhangi Pati96.17 percentile

CAT 2021 Results

Aditya Kumar99.34 percentile
Prateek Ayush99.6 percentile
Mayank Tyagi99.15 percentile
Shashank Ahuja98.41 percentile
Shivam Anand98.41 percentile
Abhishek SHanker98.06 percentile
Dhruv Dwivedi99.77 percentile
Keshav Bhagat99.57 percentile
Chetan Agrawal96.25 percentile
Rajat96.11 percentile
Shivansh Rathore95.85 percentile

CAT 2020 Results

Umashankar99.30 percentile
Dipanshu Arora99.49 percentile
Shubham Chauhan99.57 percentile
Archita Sethia96.56 percentile
Mohit Sharma99.54 percentile
Vivek Banerjee99.00 percentile
Pratik Ayush99.53 percentile
Piyush Pratik99.25 percentile
Sarvesh Patkar98.92 percentile
Harshit Walia98.89 percentile
Jayesh Saraswat98.83 percentile

Umashankar- CAT percentile 99.3

Umashankar, with almost four years of work experience in Dabur, was having a tough time overcoming his VARC weaknesses. When he joined Bodhee Prep, he was performing very poorly in mocks, barely able to touch 80 percentile.
His final scaled score in the VARC section was 29.2, equal to almost 92.5 percentile. In spite of being involved in a full time job, he was able to overcome his weaknesses in the nick of time.
He consistently focussed on critical reasoning and reading comprehension part to overcome his weaknesses.
Lesson learnt: it is never too late to overcome any weakness in spite of all the odds.


Dipanshu Arora- CAT percentile 99.49

The first inspiring thing about Dipanshu is that he is a non engineer, a BSc graduate from Delhi University.
The second inspiring fact of his story is that, like Umashankar, he too was working full time at SBI.
The third inspiring fact about him is that he scored 99.86 percentile in the QA section. Yes, you got it right 99.86 from a NON-ENGINEER!
In spite of scoring just 81 percentile in LRDI, his overall tally was almost 99.5. A remarkable fest indeed! VARC was always his weak link.
But he overcame all odds to clock his best ever varc score of 98.36 percentile. If he had been a little luckier in LRDI, he would have scored a perfect 100.
The secret of his success was focusing on the syllabus. He extensively prepared only those topics that come in CAT exam.
Lesson learnt: if you are short of time because of full time job, or because you are from a non Maths background, you should strictly prepare as per the syllabus.


Shubham Chauhan- CAT percentile 99.57

Let's come straight to the most inspiring part of his success! He attempted 20 questions in varc and got 19 of them correct, finally getting a scaled score of 54.63, and VARC percentile of 99.95.
This achievement from someone who barely crossed 94 percentile in varc section of the mocks is stupendous indeed!
Right from the start, Shubham was very good at Quant and LRDI. But VARC was his biggest weakenss.
It simply shows that what you get in mocks is not a reflection of your true potential. If you are work hard on your weaknesses, you can beat your own self!


Archita Sethia- CAT Percentile 96.56 percentile.

This has to be the most inspiring of all the stories. A candidate who always struggled in almost all sections, and found difficult to cross 85 percentile, finally gets a score of 96.56 percentile.
You should never feel demotivated by your mocks. You must believe that there is always limitless scope of improvement.
As Archita's mentors, we believe that she could have easily crossed 98 percentile had she not made a silly mistake in one of the lrdi sets.
For most of us it is difficult to digest the fact that someone who always struggled to make it to the 80s can eventually make it to 96 plus club. But yes, you must believe in yourself!


Mohit Sharma- CAT percentile 99.54

The first inspiring thing about Mohit is that in spite of having a hectic schedule at his workplace, he fought tenaciously till the end.
How to prepare for cat with a full-time job is a concern of many students. During the course of Mohit’s journey we found that what he lacked in time was made up for by his consistency.
In other words, as long as you are consistent, you should not worry about the total amount of time you are giving to your prep.
Giving two hours regularly every day can bring better results than 7 hours of study for three irregular days.
The second inspiring thing about Mohit is that he knew he had spoiled his VARC section, which is the very first section of the paper.
Others students in his place, would have given up. But he gave his best in the other two sections, and eventually he not only managed to scrape through the varc section by just crossing the 80 percentile mark, but also scored 99 plus in the other two sections, taking his overall tally to 99.5 plus.
Lesson learnt: Regular inputs are of greater importance than high volume of irregular inputs.

Vivek Banerjee- CAT percentile 99.00

A graduate of IIT Madras, Vivek always struggled with the VARC section. The first inspiring thing about him is the amount of time within which he brought significant improvements in his VARC score.
We remember he enrolled for the full varc course in the second week of October. Many others in his position would have entirely given up the idea of cat.
But he went on ahead, working on his weaknesses and using the remaining time to focus on just those areas that matter.
Lesson learnt: it is never too late to take the right decision, and bring in the right changes.


Prateek Aayush- CAT percentile 99. 53

Here is the first inspiring thing about Pratik: he scored 99.88 percentile in one of the toughest LRDI section ever.
Though he was weak in the varc section, he diligently worked on his accuracy, and instead of attempting too many questions, he focused on fewer questions and tried to get them correct.
The other inspiring thing about him is that he was a final year student and had to focus both on academics and cat prep simultaneously.
Lesson learnt: it is always possible to strike a balance between college studies and cat preparation.


Piyush Pratik- CAT percentile 99.25

Piyush’s preparation reminds us the importance of mocks. He had joined 4 to 5 mock cat test series, including Bodhee’s.
To achieve success in CAT, it is very important that the aspirant gives good deal of importance to test taking methods and techniques.
If 50 percent of your prep is about studying, then the rest 50 percent is about writing mock tests and sectional tests.
Piyush invested a good amount of time in understanding his strong areas, and improved upon his question selection significantly.
Lesson learnt: Never delay writing mocks. You should neither be too early nor too late.


Sarvesh Patkar- CAT percentile 98.92

Sarvesh scored a decent percentile (92.2) in his earlier attempt, but he believed that he is capable of getting a better score.
Had he been a little lucky with LRDI, he would have definitely crossed the 99.5 mark. His significant improvement in varc helped him better his earlier record.
Sarvesh is a lesson for all those who are in dilemma whether to accept an average b school admit or to strive for something better.
Lesson learnt: If you think you can do better, don’t compromise on the quality of education.


Harshit Walia- Cat percentile 98.89

A graduate of DTU (Delhi Technological University), Harshit was preparing for CAT along with a hectic full time job.
His job, in financial technology, was so demanding that at one point of time he felt like leaving his well-paying job and devoting all his energies to CAT preparation.
But our mentors helped Harshit strike the right work prep balance.
The first inspiring thing about Harshit is that in spite of having just over 2 hours of spare time daily, he did not postpone his plans of writing CAT.
He would use his morning hours (time before office) to prepare for CAT. He diligently stuck to the study plan and took regular guidance from Brijesh Sir who was his VARC mentor. His hard work ultimately paid off.
Lesson learnt: In online prep, it is not your mentor who reaches out to you; it is you who should reach to your mentor. If you are serious about Cat prep, you will definitely find the right people to guide you.


Jayesh Saraswat- CAT percentile 98.83

Jayesh had prepared for CAT before but his VARC was not up to the mark. He decided to write CAT again.
His journey from 53 percentile in CAT 2019 varc section to 94 percentile in CAT 2020 varc section is indeed an inspiring one.
If you have the right study material, then you can overcome any barrier and any weakness.
Our interactions with Jayesh informed us that in the final CAT countdown what matters is not the number of questions that you solve, but the quality and the relevance of those questions.
Lesson learnt: if you have less time, focus on the right study material, mocks and sectional tests.


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