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CAT 2021 Quant Question [Slot 1] with Solution 05

The amount Neeta and Geeta together earn in a day equals what Sita alone earns in 6 days. The amount Sita and Neeta together earn in a day equals what Geeta alone earns in 2 days. The ratio of the daily earnings of the one who earns the most to that of the one who earns the least is
  1. 3:02
  2. 11:07
  3. 11:03
  4. 7:03
Option: 3
Let the amounts Neeta, Geeta, and Sita earn in a day be n, g, and s respectively. Then, it has been given that: n+g=6s -i s+n=2g -ii ii-i, we get: s-g = 2g-6s 7s = 3g. Let g be 7a. Then s earns 3a. Then n earns 6s-g = 18a-7a = 11a. Thus, the ratio is 11a:3a = 11:3
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