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CAT 2017 [slot 1] Question with solution 21

Question 21:
Suppose, $\log_3 x = \log_{12} y = a$, where $x, y$ are positive numbers. If $G$ is the geometric mean of x and y, and $\log_6 G$ is equal to
  1. $\sqrt{a}$
  2. 2a
  3. a/2
  4. a
Option: 4

We know that $\log_3 x = a$ and $\log_{12} y=a$
Hence, $x = 3^a$ and $y=12^a$
Therefore, the geometric mean of $x$ and $y$ equals $\sqrt{x \times y}$
This equals $\sqrt{3^a \times 12^a} = 6^a$

Hence, $G=6^a$ Or, $\log_6 G = a$

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