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FIB Practice Set 51

Question 1: In a ____ society that worships efficiency, it is difficult for a sensitive and idealistic person to make the kinds of ____ decisions that alone spell success as it is defined by such a society.
pragmatic.. hardheaded
competitive.. evenhanded
modern.. dysfunctional

Question 2: Because they had expected the spacecraft Voyager 2 to be able to gather data only about the planets Jupiter and Saturn, scientists were ____the wealth of information it sent back from Neptune twelve years after leaving Earth.
disappointed in
concerned about
confident in
elated by
anxious for

Question 3: Wearing the latest fashions was exclusively the _____ of the wealthy until the 1850's, when mass production, aggressive entrepreneurs, and the availability of the sewing machine made them ____ the middle class.
aspiration..disagreeable to
vexation..superfluous for
bane..profitable to
prerogative..accessible to
obligation..popular with

Question 4: Linguists have now confirmed what experienced users of ASL ____ American Sign Language ____have always implicitly known: ASL is a grammatically language in that it is capable of expressing every possible syntactic relation.

Question 5: He was regarded by his followers as something of _____, not only because of his insistence on strict , discipline, but also because of his _____adherence to formal details.
a martinet..rigid
an authority..sporadic
a tyrant..reluctant
a fraud..conscientious
an acolyte..maniacal

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