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FIB Practice Set 42

Question 1: The successful ______of an archaeological site requires scientific knowledge as well as cultural ______.
evolution. .awareness
revelation. .depth
reconstruction. .sensitivity
analysis. .aesthetics
synthesis. .understanding

Question 2: As painted by Constable, the scene is not one of bucolic _____; rather it shows a striking emotional and intellectual
intensity. .boredom
complacence. .detachment
serenity. .tension
vitality. .excitement
nostalgia. .placidity

Question 3: Our times seem especially _____to bad ideas, prob¬ably because in throwing off the shackles of tradi-tion, we have ended up being quite ______untested theories and untried remedies.
impervious. .tolerant of
hostile. .dependent on
hospitable. .vulnerable to
prone. .wary of
indifferent. .devoid of

Question 4: Although he attempted repeatedly to ____ her of her conviction of his insincerity, he was not success-ful; she remained _____in her judgment.
remind. .forceful
convince. .unfeigned
exorcise. .indulgent
disabuse. .adamant
free. .unsure

Question 5: Dreams are _____in and of themselves, but when combined with other data, they can tell us much about the dreamer.

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