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FIB Practice Sets

FIB Practice Set 41

Question 1: Regardless of what ______theories of politics may propound, there is nothing that requires daily poli-tics to be clear, thorough, and consistent—nothing, that is, that requires reality to conform to theory.

Question 2: Exposure to sustained noise has been claimed .to _____ blood pressure regulation in human beings and, particularly, to increase hypertension, even though some researchers have obtained inconclu¬sive results that ______the relationship.
increase. .diminish
aggravate. .buttress
disrupt. .neutralize

Question 3: After a slow sales start early in the year, mobile homes have been gaining favor as ____ to increas¬ingly expensive conventional housing.
a reaction
an addition
an introduction
an alternative
a challenge

Question 4: Just as such apparently basic things as rocks, clouds, and clams are, in fact, intricately structured entities, so the self, too, is not an "elementary particle," but is ____construction.
a complicated
a convoluted
a distorted
an amorphous
an illusory

Question 5: Considering how long she had yearned to see Italy, her first reaction was curiously _____.

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