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FIB Practice Set 40

Question 1: Despite the apparently bewildering complexity of this procedure, the underlying ____is quite _____.
principle. .elementary
confusion. .imaginary
purpose. .effective
theory. .modern

Question 2: In television programming, a later viewing time often ______ a more ______ audience and, therefore, more challenging subjects and themes.
requires. .critical
evinces. .affluent.
implies. .mature
invites. .general.

Question 3: The cultivation of the emotion of natsukashi, interpretable as "pleasant sorrow," brings Japanese to Kyoto in the spring, not to ______ the cherry blossoms in full bloom but to _____the fading, falling flowers.
mourn..exclaim over
honor. .protect
describe. .rejoice over
arrange. .preserve
savor. .grieve over

Question 4: Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations (1776) is still worth reading, more to appreciate the current _____of Smith's valid contributions to economics than to see those contributions as the _____of present-day economics.
disregard. .outgrowths
reaffirmation. .concerns
relevance. .precursors
acceptance. .byproducts
importance. _vestiges

Question 5: At several points in his discussion, Graves, in effect, ______ evidence when it does not support his argu¬ment, tailoring it to his needs.
addresses .

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