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FIB Practice Sets

FIB Practice Set 23

Question 1: Ethnologists are convinced that many animals survive through learning ___but learning that is ____ their genetic programming, learning as thoroughly ____as the most instinctive of behavioral responses.
superseded by..primitive
compatible with..transient
complementary to..familiar
derived from..inventive
dictated by. -.stereotyped

Question 2: Though some of the information the author reveals about Russian life might surprise Americans, her major themes are ____enough.

Question 3: In the early twentieth century, the discovery of radium ____ the popular imagination; not only was its discoverer, Marie Curie, idolized, but its market value ___that of the rarest gemstone.
stormed..sank to
taxed..was equal to
escaped..was comparable to

Question 4: The president's secretary and his chief aide adored him, and both wrote obsessively _____personal memoirs about him; unfortunately, however, ____does not make for true intimacy.

Question 5: Despite claims that his philosophy can be traced to ____ source, the philosophy in fact draws liberally on several traditions and methodologies and so could justifiably be termed _____.
a particular..consistent
a schematic..multifaceted
a dominant. cogent
an authoritative..derivative
a single..eclectic

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