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FIB Practice Sets

FIB Practice Set 16

Question 1: No longer has ____by the belief that the world around us was expressly designed for humanity, many people tried to find intellectual _____for that lost certainty in astrology and in mysticism.
satisfied.. reasons
hampered.. equivalents

Question 2: People should not be praised for their virtue if they lack the energy to be _____; in such cases, goodness is merely the effect of _____.
cruel.. effortlessness
wicked. indolence
unjust.. boredom
iniquitous.. impiety

Question 3: Animals that have tasted unpalatable plants tend to ____them afterward on the basis of their most conspicuous features, such as their flowers.

Question 4: As for the alleged value of expert opinion, one need only ____ government records to see ____evidence of the failure of such opinions in many fields.
inspect.. questionable
retain.. circumstantial
distribute, .possible
evaluate.. problematic

Question 5: In scientific inquiry it becomes a matter of duty to expose a ____hypothesis to every possible kind of _____.
tentative.. examination
well-established.. rationalization
logical.. elaboration
suspect.. correlation

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