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online cat course

CAT 2019 preparation is in full swing. Give the final boost to your preparation by challenging yourself with 4000+ Quality practice questions across all topics of Quantitative aptitude, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation.  All the questions have Video Explanations. Details of the online course We are offering a monthly subscription of our […]

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Basics of an argument: CAT Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning

basics-of-an-argument for cat reading comprehension and critical reasoning

Critical Reasoning questions evaluate a test taker’s ability to understand, analyze, criticize, and complete arguments. The arguments are contained in short passages taken from a variety of sources, including letters to the editor, speeches, advertisements, newspaper articles and editorials, informal discussions and conversations, as well as articles in the humanities, the social sciences, and the […]

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How to solve assumption based CAT RC and CR Questions

Assumption based reading comprehension and critical reasoning questions

Assumptions: The Critical Reasoning section typically includes several questions that test your ability to identify assumptions of arguments. An assumption of an argument plays a role in establishing the conclusion. However, unlike a premise, an assumption is not something that the arguer explicitly asserts to be true; an assumption is instead just treated as true […]

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CAT Mock Strategy: Common mistakes made by students in VARC section

UPLOADING 1 / 1 – CAT mock Strategy for Verbal ability section.png ATTACHMENT DETAILS CAT mock Strategy for Verbal ability section

Key highlights: if you have not been writing mocks and sectional tests, then you should start writing one immediately What separates a 90 percentiler from a 50 percentiler is just 8 questions; numerically the gap might be colossal, practically it is not. Extreme caution is just as dangerous as extreme recklessness; students who are too […]

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