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CAT 2020 VARC [Slot 1] Solution 07


Five jumbled up sentences, related to a topic, are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a coherent paragraph. Identify the odd one out and key in the number of the sentence as your answer:

  1. For feminists, the question of how we read is inextricably linked with the question of what we read.
  2. Elaine Showalter’s critique of the literary curriculum is exemplary of this work.
  3. Androcentric literature structures the reading experience differently depending on the gender of the reader.
  4. The documentation of this realization was one of the earliest tasks undertaken by feminist critics.
Option: 3

This could be a challenging question, but we have to look for clues that connect the sentences. This will help us create a new sequence and find the odd one out. 5 says “more specifically, the feminist enquiry...”. thus there must a reference to “more specifically” because this phrase is used to bring in clarity to something. We must try to find a reference to this. The reference can be found in 1, which says “for feminists, the question of ...” (the question of =enquiry). Thus 15 form a pair.  5 has “...the feminist enquiry begins with the realization...and 4 further adds to it by saying “the documentation of this realization...was one of the earliest tasks undertaken by feminist critics...” 2 concludes by stating that “Elaine’s critique of the literary curriculum is exemplary of this work”. 2 serves as an example of 4. 3 is the odd one out.

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