How to Prepare for CAT Reading Comprehension [RC] Passages

how to prepare for reading comprehesion for cat exam

Why is reading comprehension important in CAT? Reading Comprehension is one of the scoring areas in the CAT exam. Since 2015, in the CAT verbal ability section, the no of questions coming from this area has been more than 70%. Thus we see that CAT RCs are one of the most critical areas on which […]

How to solve inference based reading comprehension questions in CAT Exam ?

inference based Questions

Inference based CAT Reading Comprehension questions are one of the most challenging kinds of RC questions. To better understand the nuances of inference based problems, the aspirant must realize how inference based reading comprehension questions are different from other types of CAT reading comprehension questions. Different types of CAT Reading Comprehension Questions: For each CAT […]

How to find Main Idea or Central Idea of the RC Passage

main idea rc passage

The first question in many CAT Reading Comprehension passages will ask you to identify the statement that best expresses the central idea, main idea, or the main point of the passage as a whole. These questions come in different varieties, but in each kind, the question focuses on the central idea or the main theme […]

Types of Reading Comprehension Questions in CAT Exam

types of reading comprehension questions in cat

The CAT reading comprehension passages, in general, have two broad types of questions. One whose answers are not directly stated in the RC passage and the other whose answers can be found in the RC passage. In the former case, it is important that the aspirant comprehends the passage well in order to answer the […]

Tones of the Passages in Reading Comprehension for CAT Exam

tone of RC passage

How to identify author’s tone or tone of the RC passage? Look for the author’s participation Authors write things for a variety of reasons. They may just write to report, simply putting down what they take to be the facts, giving no indication of their own feelings, either positive or negative, about those facts. Or […]

Types of Reading Comprehension passages for CAT Exam

types of rc passages in cat

I have gone through the different types of reading comprehension passages of almost all major exams, including those that have come in previous year CAT papers. I have observed that there are as many different RC types as there are passages and writers. In the subsequent paragraphs, I would discuss the ‘types of RC passages […]

How to prepare for CAT verbal ability section (VARC)

How to prepare for CAT verbal ability section VARC

CAT Verbal Ability Preparation While discussing CAT  Verbal Ability, we mean CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC). To represent both,we will use the term CAT Verbal Ability. But how is CAT verbal ability different from CAT reading comprehension? The CAT exam has not defined CAT syllabus. There is no prescribed Verbal Ability (VARC) Syllabus. […]

CAT 17 Verbal Ability Slot 2 Explanations

CAT 17 Verbal Ability

CAT 17 Verbal Ability Slot 2 Question 25: DIRECTIONS for the question: Identify the most appropriate summary for the paragraph. North American walnut sphinx moth caterpillars (Amorpha juglandis) look like easy meals for birds, but they have a trick up their sleeves—they produce whistles that sound like bird alarm calls, scaring potential predators away. At […]

CAT Online Verbal Ability Course

Welcome to Bodhee Prep’s CAT 2019 online Verbal Course! Well, what is so special about this course? This is the only verbal online course in which you get access to both live sessions as well as video package. We provide 20 live sessions, with each session having 90 mins of input, and our video package […]

Difference between : Because, Since, As and For

‘Because’ is the most direct and complete word for giving the reason of a thing; for example: I could not arrive on time because the flight was delayed by three hours [here because suggests a direct cause] ‘Since’ is less direct and often indicates a succession in the chain of reasoning, or a natural inference […]