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Welcome to Bodhee Prep’s CAT 2019 online Verbal Course! Well, what is so special about this course?

This is the only verbal online course in which you get access to both live sessions as well as video package. We provide 20 live sessions, with each session having 90 mins of input, and our video package comprises of 2000 videos having:
  • 100 critical reasoning questions
  • 500 reading comprehension questions (100 RCs)
  • 200 Parajumbles
  • 100 odd sentences
  • 150 paragraph completion.
  • 300 grammar questions
  • 300 vocabulary questions in the form of word usage and fill in the blanks
The live sessions will be conducted on weekends, and there is enough practice material (video package) to keep the student occupied during the weekdays. Moreover, since the live sessions get recorded, the student can access the course as per his own convenience. We have FB group and whatsapp groups on which we take care of the doubts of our students.

Live Sessions Plan

Session 1: Critical Reasoning- 1 (basic strengthening and weakening of arguments)
Session 2: Critical Reasoning- 2 (Inference based critical reasoning questions)
Session 3: Sentence Correction- 1 (Subject Verb Agreement)
Session 4: Sentence Correction- 2 (Subject Verb Agreement)
Session 5: Sentence Correction -3 (Modifiers)
Session 6: Sentence Correction -4 (Parallel Construction)
Session 7: TITA Parajumbles
Session 8: Odd Sentence/Sentence Exclusion
Session 9: Reading Comprehension- 1 (Main Idea, Tone, and Author’s Purpose)
Session 10: Reading Comprehension-2 (Critical Reasoning based questions)
Session 11: Reading Comprehension-3 (Inference based questions)
Session 12: Critical Reasoning- 3 (Assumption Questions)
Session 13: Critical Reasoning -4 (Mixed bag Questions)
Session 14: Critical Reasoning- 5 (Paragraph Completion)
Session 15: Critical Reasoning- 6 (Paragraph Summary)
Session 16: Reading Comprehension-4 (Mixed bag)
Session 17: Reading Comprehension-5 (Mixed bag)
Session 18: Parajumbles (TITA and non-TITA)
Session 19: Vocabulary (Fill in the blanks)
Session 20: Vocabulary (Fill in the blanks)

Now something about our results and reviews:

Here are the overall percentiles of the students who joined our courses:
CAT 2018
NameCAT Percentile (Verbal Ability)
Karan Sahu99.8
Mehul Jain99.72
Rishabh Singh99.25
Divya khanna99.13
Dipanshu Arora98.6
Suman Kunj Anand97.87
J Abhinavaram97.65
Sukalp Mittal96.65
Aiyush Bahl95.5
Shubham Roy95.14
Bibaswan Basu95
Swathi Yarabolu95

CAT 2017

Jyotishman Mudiar99.7
Sourav Bikash Satapathy99.6
Nikhil Aggarwal99.58
Abhishek Jha99.58
Arush Kapoor99.55
Bijay Sharma99.37
Parul Goyal99.02
Amol Rungta98.55
Atreya Roy98.52

CAT 2016

1. Aman Kumar 99.78
2. SL Narayan 99.71
3. Roshan Raheja 99.51 (CAT)/ 99.98 (IIFT)/99.99 (SNAP)/99.7 (NMAT)
4. Prateek Gupta 99.31 (CAT)/ 99.21 (XAT)
5. Lindu Lawrence 99.27 (CAT)
6. Aniket Agarwal 99.84 (SNAP)
7. Anirudh Swamy  99.11 (NMAT)
8. Prateek Dwivedi  99.4 (IIFT)
9. Ayush Dash 99.56 (SNAP)
10. Abhishek Bhattarcharjee 99.8 (SNAP)
11. Sunil Sahu 99.3 (SNAP)
12. Abu Hamdhan 99.5 (SNAP)
GMAT Achievers:
1. Gautam Singh 730 (GMAT)
2. Jasmine Vazirani 720 (GMAT)
3. Rohan Saste 710 (GMAT)
4. Rohit Raut 710 (GMAT)
5. Rini Upadhyay 700 (GMAT)
6. Shubhayu Dutta 690 (GMAT)

CAT Verbal Course Review

CAT verbal Online Course

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