Logarithm Concepts Properties and Questions for CAT Exam

Logarithm and its properties are very vital concepts for solving many questions from algebra which appear in CAT and other MBA entrance exams. An aspirant who is preparing for CAT must be thorough with the basic properties of logarithm and its working while solving questions.  Let us understand the concepts of logarithm in detail. Definition of […]

Remainder Theorem: Concepts | Tricks | Questions for CAT Exam

remainder theorem for cat

Remainder theorem based number system questions are very famous among CAT aspirants. The reason for the same is that there are varieties of questions how to find remainders.  As a result, various theorems are used to solved problems on remainders. In this article, will deal with all the possible type of questions which frequently appear […]

Relative Speed Concept and Questions for CAT Exam

Relative speed concept is can be of great help in solving many questions from time speed and distance in CAT exam. The concept is particularly critical for problems based on trains, and meeting points The idea is simple to understand, and we mainly need to know the working of the concept in the following cases Two bodies moving […]

[MPG] Mass Point Geometry : Tricks for Triangles for CAT Exam

Introduction to Mass Point Geometry [MPG] Mass point Geometry (MPG) is a technique borrowed from the concepts of physics which we apply to solve many complex problems involving triangles and intersecting lines. The technique is easy to understand and apply. MPG technique also simplifies calculations of ratios in geometric figures in an intuitive way by […]

Pythagorean Triplets: Concepts Tricks and CAT Problems

pythagorean triplets

If we scan the past CAT questions, then it is quite evident that most of the problems related to triangle required Pythagorean triplets as one of the concepts to solve them. It is such an essential theorem because it applies to a wide variety of questions. In this article will be dealing with the Pythagoras theorem […]

Circular Races: Concepts Tricks and Problems for CAT Exam

circular races concepts for CAT

Circular races problems have been both exciting and tantalizing to students who prepare for the CAT exam. Often the problems on circular track revolve around finding the number of distinct meeting points or the time required by the runners to meet for the first time at the starting point. Concepts and tricks require to solve […]

Geometry Formulas for Area of the Triangle for CAT Exam

There are many formulas to calculate the area of a triangle. Some formulas are very frequently used and some are used specifically for certain types of questions. A student should not only remember those formulas but also know where to apply them. In this article will discuss all the formulas for finding the area of a […]

CAT Geometry Concepts and Questions: Triangles

Fundamental concepts of Triangles Under the geometry section of various competitive exams like CAT, the most critical topic within geometry is Triangle. Many questions from triangle are based on the basic concepts like the understanding of sides and angles and a few elementary theorems on triangles. It is interesting to note that the questions can be […]

Basic Concepts of Functions and Graphs for CAT Exams

functions and graphs for CAT

In CAT Exam, certain kind of questions from algebra requires higher levels of algebraic concepts. However, such questions can also be easily solved by using alternate approaches from graphs. Below are a few questions from CAT and other exams, which would be very difficult to crack if we try solving them using the concepts from […]

HCF and LCM Concepts Formulas and Problems for CAT Exam

hcf and lcm concepts for cat

HCF and LCM is another very important topic from the number system. The concept is not just restricted to the number system but is also helpful in solving some questions from arithmetic which is a very important topic for CAT exam. In this article, we will take the topic from basics and will try to […]