CAT Number System Syllabus and Preparation Tips

CAT number system syllabus and preparation tips

Number system for CAT Number system is the foundation of CAT quantitative aptitude section. Often, students start their preparation of CAT quantitative aptitude from the number system. Number system questions have declined in recent CAT exam. However, I still advocate not to ignore preparation of this topic. The reason is that many areas of quantitative aptitude like […]

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How to prepare for CAT verbal ability section (VARC)

How to prepare for CAT verbal ability section VARC

CAT Verbal Ability Preparation While discussing CAT  Verbal Ability, we mean CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC). To represent both,we will use the term CAT Verbal Ability. But how is CAT verbal ability different from CAT reading comprehension? The CAT exam has not defined CAT syllabus. There is no prescribed Verbal Ability (VARC) Syllabus. […]

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