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NMAT 2018 Exam: Complete details

What is NMAT Exam?

NMAT exam is conducted by GMAC. The NMAT scores are accepted by different programs of NMIMS institutes at Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The score is accepted by a few other institutes as well.


A candidate with full-time bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks is eligible for the programs offered by NMIMS


The NMAT 2018 notification is out. But before you fill out the form and book your slot, it is important that you have a good understanding of how to approach this exam. In this regard, GMAC’s NMAT official guide should prove useful for the students; it is for the first time that an MBA entrance test has been standardized; if an official guide on similar lines were made available for CAT, then the aspirants would have had a better understanding of the test and its components.

The NMAT official guide will give the student a better understanding of the question types that are likely to come in the exam. I will give a short analysis of the contents of the guide, highlighting the questions that one should expect, the areas on which one should focus and the overall difficulty level that one should anticipate.

The first positive thing is that NMAT is not like GMAT! The overall paper pattern, the question types and the difficulty level are lower than those of the other exams. Also, since NMAT allows you to take the exam more than once, you can always make up for the lost opportunities. Bodhee Prep advises students that they should book the slots such that they are able to take the exam with an appropriate time gap.

Ideally, you should take one attempt in the month of October, one in the month of November (a week before CAT), and in the month of December (a week before SNAP). If you get a score of 215 above in any of the attempts, then you are likely to be shortlisted for the GEPI process that starts from the month of February.

NMAT Exam Paper Pattern

The sectional break-up would be as follows:

  1. Language Skills- 32 questions (22 minutes) (score range 0-144)
  2. Quantitative Skills- 48 questions (60 minutes) (score range 0-96)
  3. Logical Reasoning-40 questions (38 minutes) (score range 0-120)

In verbal, you have 41.25 seconds for each question; in quant, you have 75 seconds for each question; and in LR, you have 57 seconds per question.

YOU CAN CHOOSE THE ORDER OF THE TEST SECTIONS (you can take verbal first and quant later, followed by LR, OR in whichever order you wish)


NMAT Quant Section

One should expect the following things:

  1. 6 questions from DATA SUFFICIENCY (the questions should be based on numbers, geometry, arithmetic, and algebra)
  2. 17 questions (four sets) from DATA INTERPRETATION (one can expect bar graphs, pie charts, tables )
  3. 6 questions from geometry (both solid and plane geometry)
  4. 11 questions from arithmetic (profit and loss, percentage, TSD, Ratio and Proportion, work and time )
  5. 4 questions from Number System
  6. 4 questions from algebra and based on cases and scenarios (involves logical reasoning)

Comment: Students good at Arithmetic and Data Interpretation have a distinct advantage over others.

NMAT Verbal Section:

  1. 8 questions from RCs (One should expect two passages, with four questions in each)
  2. 11 questions based on vocab (direct antonym or the synonym; fill in the blanks)
  3. 3 questions from Parajumbles
  4. 6 questions from preposition usage
  5. 4 questions from simple grammar

Comment: Students with good vocab and grammar can finish 70% of the section in just 5 minutes.

NMAT Logical Reasoning:

  1. 9 questions from Critical Reasoning (one should expect questions from assumptions, conclusions, strengthening and weakening of arguments)
  2. 7 questions from codes and symbols
  3. 8 questions based on Input and output sequence.
  4. 6 questions from matrix and digits
  5. 10 questions from traditional LR (most of them based on cases and arrangements)

Comment: This section is a little different from the conventional CAT LR; the students who are good in Critical Reasoning and the Input-Output variety should do well than others.

The overall difficulty should be low and the scores would be normalized.

Arithmetic, DI, Vocabulary, and CR will play a very important role in NMAT!

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