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CAT odd one out practice question 11

Question 11:

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out. Choose its number as your answer and key the number in:

  1. Our smartphones can now track our diets, our biological cycles, even our digestive systems and sleep-patterns.
  2. Researchers have even coined a new term, “orthosomnia”, to describe the insomnia brought on by paying too much attention to smartphones and sleep-tracking apps.
  3. Sleep, nature’s soft nurse, is a blissful, untroubled state all too easily disturbed by earthly worries or a guilty conscience.
  4. The existence of a market for such apps is unsurprising: shift work, a long-hours culture and blue light from screens have conspired to rob many of us of sufficient rest.
  5. A new threat to a good night’s rest has emerged – smart-phones, with sleep-tracking apps.
Option: 3

This question is slightly dubious. Though the official answer is 3, it is statement 1 that should be the right answer.

We can start with statement 3, and continue the idea with statement 5.

Statement 2 takes over from 5, with statement 4 coming at the end. Thus 3524 form a coherent paragraph, leaving 1 as the odd one out.

Statement 3 speaks of the things that are likely to disturb sleep. Statement 5 adds one more threat- smartphones.

Statement 2 gives a name to that threat, while 4 adds some more information as to why such apps have found a market.

Statement 1 should be the odd one out. However, surprisingly, the official answer given by CAT is 3.

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