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[Euthanasia] : People suffering Great pain have a right to end their life


Euthanasia, the topic above says that people suffering great pain have a right to end their life; to build an argument against or for the topic, we must delve a little deeper into human nature, from where we might get some psychological insights on our instinctive love for life, and our irrational fear for death.

We all have moments of despair, in which we feel that non-existence e were far better than existence; and also we have moments of delight, in which we wish we were immortal, eternally enjoying the pleasures and surprises that life has to offer.  We all, during sickness or tragedy or disasters, have periods of suffering and affliction, phases of such intense trial and tribulation that we feel like ending our life. But should we trust the wish of man who at one time desires to be immortal, while wants to end his life the very next? Such a whimsical creature as man should not be trusted for his thoughts and desires, which, like the colors of the rainbow, are nothing but delusions.

The will to live is deep and instinctive, while the desire for death is superficial and psychological, and only momentarily clouds our consciousness. This instinctive love for life, which we often see even in the most solitary of animals that often have no society, will always be there regardless of what our physical and mental state is!

To try to end one’s life is to go against this principle, the principle of instinctive will to live under any circumstance, to adapt to any condition.

The idea of pain should not bother us much, for if the pain is too prolonged and too severe, death in that case would be inevitable; and if that pain is not too prolonged or severe, the body will find ways to cure that pain.

A short phase of suffering or pain should not blind us to the truth that life is sacred; when we see someone suffer, we take so much pity on him that we wish he were dead; but that wish is nothing but a reaction that is rooted not in reason but in feeling, a momentary feeling of getting rid of something by quickest possible means. We must not trust such feelings either in ourselves or in others. Our consciousness and highly developed nervous system make us acutely sensitive to the pleasures and pains of life; this sensitivity to a great extent controls our base desires, and base instincts; but our faculty of reason and our sense of right and wrong should not be swayed by these base instincts and desires that might occasionally govern our thoughts.

To conclude this topic, I would add that just as momentary passions of anger and lust should not become our masters and govern our actions directed at others, so the phases and pain and suffering should not hold sway over our reason and make us commit crimes on our own self. Such a thing as bodily pain, no matter how severe, will find its exit, because what comes from nature will go back to nature!

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