Remainder Theorem: Concepts | Tricks | Questions for CAT Exam

remainder theorem for cat

Remainder theorem based number system questions are very famous among CAT aspirants. The reason for the same is that there are varieties of questions how to find remainders.  As a result, various theorems are used to solved problems on remainders. In this article, will deal with all the possible type of questions which frequently appear […]

Grammar for CAT: Subject Verb Agreement

Before we move on to the main concept of subject verb agreement, we will discuss the definition of a sentence. A sentence is a group of words that make complete sense. A sentence also must have an appropriate punctuation mark. Without an appropriate punctuation mark, the sentence may be considered grammatically incorrect or incomplete. Let’s […]

7 Steps to Solve Logical Reasoning Puzzles for CAT Level Exam

Logical Reasoning Puzzles for CAT

Logical reasoning puzzles which appear in the CAT exam are the most common types of questions in LRDI section. Unfortunately, we do not have any universally applicable method or approach to solve such puzzles. The reason is that these logical reasoning puzzles themselves have no standard structure. However,  an aspirant, after practicing lots of logical reasoning puzzle […]

3 Steps to solve Linear Arrangement Logical Reasoning for CAT Exam

Linear Arrangement Logical reasoning for CAT

Linear arrangement based logical reasoning questions in CAT deal with sequentially aligning the objects by using the information given about their positions. In most of the cases, we have to identify the unique position of each of the objects or the relative position of one object compared to the other objects. Often, logical reasoning questions […]

GK for IIFT: Questions | Syllabus | Preparation material [2018]

GK for IIFT Questions Syllabus Preparation

Importance of GK for IIFT Exam The first reason why IIFT GK question is important is that there is a cut-off for this section.  If you fail to clear the cut-off, you will not be shortlisted for the GDPI process regardless of how good your scores are in the other three sections. I have seen […]

Vocabulary for CAT IIFT SNAP and other MBA Entrance Exam

cat vocabulary

How important is vocabulary for CAT? Aspirants often wonder as to how essential is the vocabulary for CAT. They must remember that while vocabulary may not directly play a role in fetching your marks, it does help you a great deal in improving your comprehension. The greater your understanding of words the better is your […]

CAT Grammar : [10 Easy Steps] to solve Grammar Questions

CAT Grammar Importance We all ponder over this question: is grammar for CAT really important? When you go to an institute to learn a new language, what is the first thing that it teaches you? Grammar and always Grammar! We must not forget that grammar defines the logic of language. CAT English Grammar is not […]

5 steps and tricks to solve CAT odd one out [odd sentence] questions

Table of contents: Approach/steps to solve odd one out questions Download CAT Odd sentences PDF Odd one out practice questions CAT odd one out/ odd sentence questions are a recent addition to CAT verbal ability section. It is very similar to parajumbles. The only difference is that in parajumbles you are asked to arrange the […]

How to solve para completion or paragraph completion for CAT exam

The significance of Para Completion or Paragraph Completion Para Completion (PC) has been a regular feature of CAT papers since 2005. Before we solve the Para Completion questions, we must try to understand what the questions test. Para Completion Questions test the candidate’s thought process, their ability to conclude, summarize, continue or keep track of […]

Relative Speed Concept and Questions for CAT Exam

Relative speed concept is can be of great help in solving many questions from time speed and distance in CAT exam. The concept is particularly critical for problems based on trains, and meeting points The idea is simple to understand, and we mainly need to know the working of the concept in the following cases Two bodies moving […]