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FIB Practice Sets

FIB Practice Set 38

Question 1: New research on technology and public policy focuses on how seemingly____ design features generally overlooked in most analyses of public works projects or industrial machinery, actually ____social choices of profound significance.

Question 2: Paradoxically, Robinson's excessive denials of the worth of early works of science fiction suggest that she has become quite ____ them.
reflective about
enamored of
skeptical of
encouraged by
offended by

Question 3: Cezanne's delicate watercolor sketches often served as _____ of a subject, a way of gathering fuller knowledge before the artist's final engagement of the subject in an oil painting.
an abstraction
an enhancement
a synthesis
a reconnaissance
a transcription

Question 4: Though it would be ____to expect Barnard to have worked out all of the limitations of his experiment, he must be ____for his neglect of quantitative anal¬ysis.
pointless ..examined

Question 5: The hierarchy of medical occupations is in many ways a ____ system; its strata remain ____and the practitioners in them have very little vertical mobility.
delivery ..basic
regimental ..flexible
training. inferior

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