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FIB Practice Set 36

Question 1: Trapped thousands of years ago in Antarctic ice, recently discovered air bubbles are ___ time capsules filled with information for scientists who chart the history of the atmosphere.

Question 2: In the days before the mass marketing of books, censorship was _____source of ____, which helped the sale of the book and inspired Ralph Waldo Emerson to remark: "Every burned book enlightens the world."
a respected..opinion
a constant..guidance
a prime..publicity
an unnoticed..opposition
an unpromising..criticism

Question 3: It was not only the of geologists that ____earlier development of the revolutionary idea that the Earth's continents were moving plates; classical physicists, who could not then explain the mecha¬nism, had declared continental movement impos¬sible.
indecisiveness. .challenged
conservatism.. hindered
assumptions. .hastened

Question 4: Although often extremely critical of the medical profession as a whole, people are rarely willing to treat their personal doctors with equal ____.

Question 5: Aalto, like other modernists, believed that form follows function; consequently,. his furniture designs asserted the _____ of human needs, and the furni¬ture's form was ____human use.
universality..refined by
importance..relegated to
rationale..emphasized by
primacy..determined by
variability..reflected in

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