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Bodhee Prep’s CAT Workshop

Bodhee Prep’s CAT Online Workshops

If you are joining late, recorded sessions and practice pdfs would be made available.

CAT 17 Quant Workshop Schedule

TIME: 10:30 pm – 12 am

Session No.Day/DateModuleTopic
1Friday, 1st SeptNumber SystemProperties of Numbers
2Saturday,2nd SeptNumber SystemFactorization
3Monday, 4th SeptNumber SystemDivisibility+Remainders
4Tuesday, 5th SeptNumber Systemunit digits and last two digits
5Wednesday, 6th SeptNumber SystemHCF and LCM
6Thursday, 7th SeptNumber SystemBase System + Factorials
7Friday, 8th SeptGeometryTriangles 01
8Monday, 11th SeptGeometryTriangles 02
9Tuesday, 12th SeptGeometryTriangles 03
10Wednesday, 13th SeptGeometryCircles
11Thursday, 14th SeptGeometryQuadrilaterals + Polygons
12Friday, 15th SeptGeometryCoordinate geometry
13Monday, 18th SeptGeometryMisc Topics
14Tuesday, 19th SeptAlgebraLinear and Quadratic Equations
15Wednesday, 20th SeptAlgebraEquations of higher degree
16Thursday, 21st SeptAlgebraFunctions
17Friday, 22nd SeptAlgebraSpecial Functions
18Monday, 25th SeptAlgebraProgressions
19Tuesday, 26th SeptAlgebraLogarithm
20Wednesday, 27th SeptAlgebraMaxima Minima 01
21Thursday, 28th SeptAlgebraMaxima Minima 02
22Monday,2nd OctAlgebraIntegral Solutions
23Tuesday, 3rd OctModern MathsFundamental Principles of Counting
24Wednesday, 4th OctModern MathsPermutation and Combinations
25Thursday, 5th OctModern MathsProbability
26Friday, 6th OctModern MathsSet Theory (2, 3 and 4 variables)
27Monday, 9th OctModern MathsSet Theory (Max Min)
28Tuesday, 10th OctArithmeticPercentages
29Wednesday, 11th OctArithmeticRatio and Proportion
30Thursday, 12th OctArithmeticCI SI
31Friday, 13th OctArithmeticAverages + Mixture and alligation
32Monday, 16th OctArithmeticWork and Time
33Tuesday, 17th OctArithmeticPipes and Cisterns
34Monday, 23rd OctArithmeticTime Speed and Distance basics
35Tuesday, 24th OctArithmeticRelative Speed + Boats and Streams
36Wednesday, 25th OctArithmeticLinear Races
37Thursday, 26th OctArithmeticCircular Races
38Friday, 27th OctAirthmeticMisc Topic
39Monday, 30th OctAll topicsFinal Touch session -1
40Tuesday, 31st OctAll topicsFinal Touch session -2

watch the sample online sessions below

Sample Workshop events

Geometry Workshop
Algebra Workshop


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CAT 17 Verbal Workshop Schedule

TIME: 9 pm – 10:30 pm

Session NoDay/DateTopicVA
1Friday, 1st Sept2 RCs10
2Saturday,2nd Sept2 RCs10
3Monday, 4th Sept2 RCs10
4Tuesday, 5th Sept2 RCs10
5Wednesday, 6th Sept2 RCs10
6Thursday, 7th Sept2 RCs10
7Friday, 8th Sept2 RCs10
8Monday, 11th Sept2 RCs10
9Tuesday, 12th Sept2 RCs10
10Wednesday, 13th Sept2 RCs10
11Thursday, 14th Sept2 RCs10
12Friday, 15th Sept2 RCs10
13Monday, 18th Sept2 RCs10
14Tuesday, 19th Sept2 RCs10
15Wednesday, 20th Sept2 RCs10
16Thursday, 21st Sept2 RCs10
17Friday, 22nd Sept2 RCs10
18Monday, 25th Sept2 RCs10
19Tuesday, 26th Sept2 RCs10
20Wednesday, 27th Sept2 RCs10
21Thursday, 28th Sept2 RCs10
22Monday,2nd Oct2 RCs10
23Tuesday, 3rd Oct2 RCs10
24Wednesday, 4th Oct2 RCs10
25Thursday, 5th Oct2 RCs10
26Friday, 6th Oct2 RCs10
27Monday, 9th Oct2 RCs10
28Tuesday, 10th Oct2 RCs10
29Wednesday, 11th Oct2 RCs10
30Thursday, 12th Oct2 RCs10
31Friday, 13th Oct2 RCs10
32Monday, 16th Oct2 RCs10
33Tuesday, 17th Oct2 RCs10
34Monday, 23rd Oct2 RCs10
35Tuesday, 24th Oct2 RCs10
36Wednesday, 25th Oct2 RCs10
37Thursday, 26th Oct2 RCs10
38Friday, 27th Oct2 RCs10
39Monday, 30th Oct2 RCs10
40Tuesday, 31st Oct2 RCs10

Watch Previous recorded sessions

CAT Verbal Video Sessions


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    1. What will happen in the workshops?

Answer: On each day of the workshop, the student would be given a set of questions (click here to see the structure of the workshop); these questions would be of varying difficulty levels, and the student has to solve these questions before the start of the workshop. In the live sessions, the solutions of those questions and the best way of solving those questions shall be discussed. The workshops would be restricted to only discussion

    1. What if I miss these sessions?

Answer: All the sessions would be recorded and made available next day by 3 pm. The students registered for the workshop will get a user id and password with which they can access the course.

    1. What material would be provided?

Answer: Students would be getting the workshop material by 11 am on their respective mail ids. The entire workshop material will not be given in advance. The course material only of that particular day would be mailed to the student.

    1. What If I join late?

Answer: You need not worry if you join late. The recorded sessions as well as the PDFs of all the workshops would be made available

    1. Will the workshops cover the basics?

Answer: Yes, the workshops will cover the basics, but these basics would be covered along with the questions that we would have given the student for that particular day

    1. What if I have any doubts while watching the recorded versions?

Answer: While watching the recorded sessions, if the student has any doubt, then he or she can approach us for assistance; the student can approach us through mail or on our FB group.

    1. Will I get any discounts if I purchase both quant and verbal workshops?

Answer: Yes, each workshop is priced at Rs 999, but students who purchase both the workshops will get a discount of 20%

    1. Will I get any assistance post the completion of the workshop?

Answer: Yes, post the completion of the workshop, if the student has any doubts,he or she can always approach us for any assistance


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