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CAT odd one out practice question 6

Question 6:

Five sentences related to a topic are given below. Four of them can be put together to form a meaningful and coherent short paragraph. Identify the odd one out. Choose its number as your answer and key it in.

  1. Translators are like bumblebees.
  2. Though long since scientifically disproved, this factoid is still routinely trotted out.
  3. Similar pronouncements about the impossibility of translation have dogged practitioners since Leonardo Bruni’s De interpretatione recta, published in 1424.
  4. Bees, unaware of these deliberations, have continued to flit from flower to flower, and translators continue to translate.
  5. In 1934, the French entomologist August Magnan pronounced the flight of the bumblebee to be aerodynamically impossible
Option: 2

This is a dubious question, and deserves a challenge. All the sentences can come together and form a coherent paragraph. ‘this factoid’ in statement 2 can be found in statement 5.

Thus 5 and 2 form a pair. 1 opens the paragraph. Impossibility of translation in 3 and impossibility of bumblebee flight are connected.

Thus 1523 form a coherent paragraph. Statement 4 can come in the concluding lines. This question has no odd sentence. The source of the passage can be found here

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