Online CAT Crash Course for 2018

The objective of this short-term online CAT crash course is to help the students fine-tune their preparation in the final stages of their prep.

The design and the plan of the course is such that it will not only cover the basic concepts but also help students solve challenging questions in the live sessions.

The online CAT crash course will have:

  • Total of 75 online live sessions
  • 25 each in VARC, Quant, and LRDI.
  • The topics covered would be based on the latest CAT pattern.
  • Duration of each session: 90 – 120 min
  • The session will be conducted from 9:30 pm onwards.

In addition to the live sessions, the students who enroll for the CAT crash course would get FREE access to:

All the LRDI sets have video solutions and the 30 VARC sessions cover a wide a variety of topics, from basic grammar and vocabulary to reading comprehension.

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In case you miss any session, the recording of the session will be available

For any Query, ping/Call us at 9518945201 / 9518940261

This Week Schedule for Crash Course

Day Time Module
Monday 10 pm -11:30 pm Quant
Tuesday 10 pm -11:30 pm LRDI
Wednesday 10 pm -11:30 pm Quant
Thursday 10 pm -11:30 pm LRDI
Friday 10 pm -11:30 pm Quant
Saturday 10 pm -11:30 pm LRDI
Sunday 10 pm -11:30 pm Verbal

CAT Crash Course pricing

18 Crash Course

₹ 3000

75 Live Online Sessions
Practice Material
Mock Analysis
FREE: 150 LRDI Video Course
FREE: VARC 25 Recorded Sessions

Full Session Details of Crash Course

Here is the complete session plan for all 75 sessions.

The details about the exact timing and day will be communicated in a week.

Session No. Topic
1 Basics of Grammar and Vocabulary
2 Basics of Parajumbles and Odd Sentence
3 Basics of Para Summary and Paragraph Completion
4 Basics of Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension
5 Reading Comprehension 1 and Parajumbles I
6 Reading Comprehension 2 and Critical Reasoning I
7 Reading Comprehension 3 and Odd Sentence I
8 Reading Comprehension 4 and Paragraph Completion I
9 Reading Comprehension 5 and Parajumbles II
10 Mock Analysis 1
11 Reading Comprehension 6 and Para Summary I
12 Reading Comprehension 7 and Critical Reasoning II
Session No. Topic
13 Reading Comprehension 8 and General Knowledge 1
14 Mock analysis 2
15 Reading Comprehension 9 and Odd Sentence II
16 Reading Comprehension 10 and Grammar I
17 Reading Comprehension 11 and Parajumbles III
18 Mock analysis 3
19 Reading Comprehension 12 and Critical Reasoning III
20 Reading Comprehension 13 and Vocabulary II
21 Reading Comprehension 14 and Vocabulary III
22 Mock Analysis 4
23 Reading Comprehension 15 and Para Summary II
24 General Knowledge 2 and Para completion III
25 Mock Analysis 5
Session No. Topic
1 Properties of Numbers
2 Divisibility Rule and Remainders
3 Factorization + HCF and LCM
4 Unit digit + Factorials + Base system
5 Triangles 01
6 Triangles 02
7 Circles
8 Quadrilaterals + Polygons
9 Solid Geometry 01
10 Solid Geometry 02 + Coordinate Geometry
11 Linear and quadratic Equations
12 Inequations + Logarithm
13 Function and Graphs
Session No. Topic
14 Special Fucntions (Modulus function based Problems)
15 Progrsssions + Binomial + Integral Solutions
16 Maxima Minima
17 Permutation and Combination 01
18 Permutation and Combination 02 + Probability
19 Percentages + Ratio and Proportion
20 Profit loss discount + CI and SI
21 Average + Mixtures and Alligations
22 Time and Work + Pipes and Cisterns
23 Time Speed and Distance 01
24 Time Speed and Distance 02
25 Time Speed and Distance 03
Session No. Topic
1 Introduction to LRDI Section
2 Linear Arrangement 01
3 Linear Arrangement 02
4 Circlular Arrangements
5 Games and Tournaments 01
6 Games and Tournaments 02
7 Mock Analysis 01
8 Matrix Arrangements 01
9 Matrix Arrangements 02
10 Maxima Minima 01
11 Maxima Minima 02
12 Number Crunching 01
13 Number Crunching 02
14 Blood Relation
Session No. Topic
15 DI based Logical Reasoning 01
16 DI Based Logical Reasoning 02
17 DI Based Logical Reasoning 03
18 DI based Logical Reasoning 04
19 DI based Logical Reasoning 05
20 Mock Analysis 02
21 Miscellaneous LRDI Sets 01
22 Miscellaneous LRDI Sets 02
23 Miscellaneous LRDI Sets 03
24 Miscellaneous LRDI Sets 04
25 Miscellaneous LRDI Sets 05

Recorded Session from Last year CAT Crash Course





Bharadwaj Chennupati
Bharadwaj Chennupati:  I am joining XLRI Jamshedpur, and much of the credit for this goes to Bodhee Prep’s workshop. Rakesh Sir and Brijesh Sir played a very important role that helped me sail through this journey. I would strongly recommend their workshop to all aspirants who want to fine-tune their CAT prep. The thing that I liked the most about the crash course was the structure and its comprehensiveness. It covered everything from basics to the higher level. The same quantity and quality of inputs are given by other online prep platforms at not less than 8k. The free offering of the VARC recorded sessions was icing on the cake
Amol Rungta: I have joined IIM Lucknow and I must say that Bodhee Prep played a very important role in my CAT journey. I had earlier purchased their online Verbal Ability course and later joined their workshop for some additional inputs in CAT Quant and LRDI. It was worth all the money that I had invested in it. I benefited the most from the mocks analysis that was a part of the live sessions, something that no one else offers.


Answer: On each day of the CAT crash course, the student would be given a set of questions (click here to see the structure of the CAT crash course); these questions would be of varying difficulty levels, and the student has to solve these questions before the start of the CAT crash course. In the live sessions, the solutions of those questions and the best way of solving those questions shall be discussed. The CAT crash courses would be restricted to only discussion

Answer: All the sessions would be recorded and made available next day by 3 pm. The students registered for the CAT crash course will get a user id and password with which they can access the course.

Answer: Students would be getting the CAT crash course material by 11 am on their respective mail ids. The entire CAT crash course material will not be given in advance. The course material only of that particular day would be mailed to the student.

Answer: You need not worry if you join late. The recorded sessions as well as the PDFs of all the CAT crash courses would be made available

Answer: Yes, the CAT crash courses will cover the basics, but these basics would be covered along with the questions that we would have given the student for that particular day

Answer: While watching the recorded sessions, if the student has any doubt, then he or she can approach us for assistance; the student can approach us through mail or on our FB group.

Answer: Yes, each CAT crash course is priced at Rs 1500, but students who enroll for any two of the three crash courses would get the third for free. It is enroll for any two courses and get the third one for free

Answer: Yes, post the completion of the CAT crash course, if the student has any doubts,he or she can always approach us for any assistance

CAT Crash Course Pricing

CAT 18 Crash Course

₹ 3000

75 Live Online Sessions
Practice Material
Mock Analysis
FREE: 150 LRDI Video Course
FREE: VARC 25 Recorded Sessions
Online CAT Crash Course for 2018
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