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CAT 2017 [slot 2] Question with solution 07

Question 41:
The manufacturer of a table sells it to a wholesale dealer at a profit of 10%. The wholesale dealer sells the table to a retailer at a profit of 30% Finally, the retailer sells it to a customer at a profit of 50%. If the customer pays Rs 4290 for the table, then its manufacturing cost (in Rs) is
  1. 1500
  2. 2000
  3. 2500
  4. 3000
Option: 2

Let the manufacturing price of the table = $x$
Hence the price at which the wholesaler bought from the manufacturer = $1.1 \times x$
The price at which the retailer bought from the wholesaler = $1.3 \times 1.1 \times x$
The price at which the customer bought from the retailer = $1.5 \times 1.3 \times 1.1 \times x$
$1.5 \times 1.3 \times 1.1 \times x = 4290$
=> x = 2000

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